人力资源(人力资源)经理的生活很少沉闷,但很少容易。作为人力资源专业人士,你有一个夸张的responsibilitieson your plate; from participating in planning and development to advocating and supporting employees, the duties of an HR manager are integral in fostering an effective workplace. One of the many – and most important – hats that HR professionals wear is that of a leader of change. Modern HR leaders are skilled at minimizing change resistance and employee unrest within their organization by using strategies such as shaping organizational culture and weighing the success of change initiatives. Such skills have become all the more essential in a world that is now characterized by rapid and drastic change due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
足以说Covid-19已经大规模地转移了我们的工作方式。随着爆发后的遥控器中的繁荣,我们已经从会议室到放大室,我们的书桌现在是我们的厨房桌子,我们的日常通勤现在是不存在的。面对这场危机,世界各地的人力资源部管理员被迫克服了一个各种各样的挑战那including adjusting new and current employees to very different work conditions, facilitating remote work environments, and implementing workplace policies and procedures to reduce human contact. Though it has posed a significant challenge, these HR professionals have demonstrated a strong sense of innovation, resilience, and adaptability while coordinating workers’ transition to remote work.
人力资源管理人员在将员工转换为工作到家庭安排的成功已被工人自己得到广泛的欢迎。事实上,截至2020年5月,几乎60%的美国工人已经说他们更愿意尽可能远离远程工作,即使某些锁定限制开始缓解。随着回到办公室的想法变得越来越普遍,许多人都在问自己return to the office or not
With such a large portion of workers considering a permanent future in remote work (if given the option), organizations will likely need to consider downsizing their office spaces or closing them altogether to save on costs. However, in this scenario, companies run the risk of dissatisfying the employees who want to return to the office. Many of these workers cite increased camaraderie and productivity as key reasons they prefer working in the office.
那么,那个留下人力资源管理员?您如何平衡相互矛盾的员工需求,并希望确保工作满意度不损坏?您如何平衡员工愿意返回共享办公空间的需求的必要性?好吧,答案可能只是躺在一个Coworking Space.
Coworking Space是一个设置,其中来自不同公司的员工分享办公空间。这些创新工作空间的使用是很多more widespread随着更多公司在一个独立的建筑物中转移到他们所有的人员,并选择地理多样化。

Here are just a few reasons HR managers should embrace coworking spaces in the post-COVID workforce:


负担能力是Coworking空间的主要好处之一。虽然共用办公室可以为工人提供出色的设施,但它们也可以以良好的成本来。但是,当您选择一个COWARKING SPACE时,您将您的资源和环境与创新者分享,因此也与他们共享空间的成本。同样,您只需支付您和您的团队计划占用的空间,而无需担心设施和公用事业的成本。您还可以节省设备和家具费用,因为COWARKING SPACES已经准备好使用书桌,椅子,档案柜和其他有助于使空间感觉尽可能舒适和功能的作品。通过追求这种选择削减业务费用特别呼吁,考虑到大流行已经在全世界的公司造成的重大资格。



Studies have shown that employees often experience a boost in productivity in coworking spaces. According to research conducted by Deskmag and Deskwanted,74%of employees were more productive after working in a coworking space.Some potential reasonsfor this increase include more job control, employees ascribing more meaning to the work they do, and a more affirmed sense of identity within a workplace community.

More Flexibility

In many circumstances, coworking spaces are accessible 24/7, which gives employees flexibility and autonomy in designing their workdays. If they want to work overtime to meet a tight deadline, they have the freedom and flexibility to do so. If they need to leave in the middle of the day to squeeze in a quick gym session or to pick up their kids from school, they have the ability to get this done without a hassle. Being able to manage their own time means less stress and happier employees.


In the wake of the pandemic, networking events came to a screeching halt, significantly hindering workers’ ability to connect with one another and explore new professional pathways. Coworking spaces are an excellent way to launch your employees back intonetworking activities。由于他们的设置,Coworking Spaces让您在各个部门靠近其他专家靠近其他专家,他们可能否则可能会遇到。与这些专业人士的会议和参与有关与您和员工不同的背景和技能,可能是非常有价值的;从他们那里学习并获得洞察力的洞察力可能只是推动您的业务的贡献因素。
网络应该是人力资源管理人员特别高的优先事项。人力资源专业人士需要促进各部门的合作和合作,并作为信息的渠道。有一些core benefits源于有效的网络,可以好了ly improve a person’s ability to fulfill such duties: the ability to build a reputation and boost credibility, gather advocates, and facilitate trust among colleagues, stakeholders, and employees. All of these skills are utterly essential for HR managers to be competent in their roles.

More Creativity

虽然接近其他专业人士在Coworking Spacaces中允许新的networking opportunities,它还允许扩大创造力。通过与公司以外的新人会面和合作,您将自己暴露在一群新的思想中,这可以让您煽动更具创造性的,并对现有的组织问题进行创新解决方案。
The role of HR managers in ensuring that companies adapt to a post-COVID workforce is absolutely integral. One of the most effective ways HR managers can strengthen their organization’s standing in this environment is by embracing coworking spaces. Affordability, increased productivity, added flexibility, networking opportunities, and added creativity are just a few of the many benefits coworking spaces offer employees in the current workforce. In embracing coworking spaces as a new form of office space, HR managers will better meet the needs of their employees and facilitate their transition into a post-pandemic workplace.