Remove Barriers to Happiness at Work

即使最幸福的人可以我挣扎的时候n a negative and unhappy environment. It’s basic science. While幸福被证明是具有传染性的, negativity and pessimism have a similar domino effect. And that can affect your happiness at work.

You could love your job and feel very confident about your work and still not feel happy at the office because of several aspects. It could be a general feeling imposed by a strict normative way of working, it could be the lack of social interaction and communication or it could be the constant lack of light and air, in a basement office.

There are several factors that could affect your happiness at work. While felling happy and satisfied is an inner feeling, one that you can control, staying this way takes an effort that is usually sustained or impaired by the external environment.


  • A stressful atmosphere based on a “no room for error” policy
  • 同事之间缺乏沟通和社会互动
  • The constant absence of your manager or team leader
  • Too many rules in the way of working
  • 当您有一个新的想法或建议时,您就不会得到您需要的支持
  • 您的日程计划非常密切监视
  • 缺乏您可以用来向同事或您的经理提供反馈的适当渠道
  • No team activities outside of work



If the main barriers are triggered by your management you need to find the right moment and the right tone of voice to offer them feedback and to suggest a new way of doing things. Approach your team leader and express your honest assessment of the workplace and how you think it could improve. You can useHPPY give anonymous feedback and to let them know how you feel.

When these barriers are related more to your team and your colleagues, be the first to take the initiative and start changing things, one step at a time. Lead by example and encourage conversation, social interaction and a more relaxed way of collaborating. You could be surprised to find that some of your colleagues may have felt the same way you did but didn’t have the courage to do something about it.

Trust yourself to speak out and identify the things that diminish your workplace happiness and your overall satisfaction at the office. Things won’t change if someone doesn’t point out a problem and suggests a solution.


If your team is not comfortable with a brainstorming, you can useHPPY give anonymous feedback and improvement suggestions, or simply use a classical pen and paper approach.

Also, it’s important to give feedback every time you feel like something affected you and you want to address it.

Here are提供反馈时要记住的3件事.

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