Retaining Millennial Employees Through Inspirational Leadership

If you look at the workforce, it’s clear to see that Millennials—young adults born between 1980 and 1994—are on the rise. By 2020, Millennials will make up almosthalf of the American workforce. 他们常常被冠以有权利、懒惰和不负责任的称号。虽然这是一个不公平的假设,使整个人口,重要的是要了解的价值体系,这些年轻人正在发展。他们中的许多人受到创业精神的诱惑,在退休前并不真正想为一家公司工作。

Many Millennials graduated in the midst of the大萧条and had to get creative about how they earned income. As a result, many Millennials are currently working two or three odd jobs and don’t see the benefit of sticking with one company because nothing is guaranteed anymore. And yet, this isn’t the case with all Millennials. As a leader in your company, it’s your job to retain Millennial employees and keep them engaged. The best way to do this is through inspirational leadership. This shows itself in different forms.


Millennials have seen systems that were previously considered foolproof fail their parents, and they’re now coming up with innovative ideas that might go against your company’s status quo. Obviously, if their ideas are unethical, don’t include them; however, take time to consider the ideas and contributions your young adult employees can offer. They have brilliant minds and different approaches that may be out of your comfort zone.


2. Grant Them Professional Freedom

The term might sound foreign to some, but professional freedom has more to do with how the job gets done. When a boss stands over your desk and tells you to do a job one way, it is intimidating and often annoying. Many people prefer to have the creative freedom to complete a job the way they know they can. As long as there’s a specified deadline and tools to get the job done, most Millennials prefer the freedom to get it done their own way.


3. Encourage Fun


Lunch hour often involves great takeout, and sometimes even coffee and donuts provided by the company. Try to get creative about ways your employees can feel connected and productive yet still enjoy themselves.

4. Offer Fair Compensation

An employee’scompensation and benefitspackage is a crucial factor in their job satisfaction. No employee likes to feel like they’re trapped in a job with dismal pay and no benefits. Do your best to make sure your employees have the best packages possible. When your employees know that you care about their well-being, they’re more likely to work harder for you.


Invest in the growth and development of your staff. If you have graphic designers on your staff, send them to an amazing graphic design conference. Even a single conference can do so much to inspire them and push them forward in their professional growth. If you have a really gifted and budding leader in the pack, invest in their continued education. When Millennials are in companies that promote professional growth and development, they’ll want to take advantage of that support. This will simultaneously improve the quality of work you receive from them.


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