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在过去的几年中,员工健康策略已经获得了英国各地公司和组织的更多重点。然而,它才是最近,我们已经看到了健康技术解决方案的兴起,以方便这些企业健康举措。随着在员工管理部门的创新作业,需要在员工健康方面的前瞻性思考。具有正确的方法和正确的技术,人力资源专业人士和管理员可以在工作中管理健康计划,而无需强大IT support services.



While the benefits of health promotion in the workplace are evident, less so are the benefits wellness tech has on well-being. Wellness tech often conjures up images of wearable devices or smartphone health tracking apps, which have actually evolved at an equal pace as health management itself. There’s room for more growth, though, in wellness tech, with innovations like occupational health systems, artificial intelligence, and incorporating big data.

At this convergence of tech and employee well-being, there is a rich opportunity for improving overall health. Wellness IT solutions that capture data can inform risk assessments and health insurance coverage. They can create a holistic overview of an employee’s health, sharing their well-being data at the workplace with their healthcare provider through one, easy-to-use platform. The potential is vast, and companies would be wise not to ignore the benefits of wellness tech.

Below are some examples of how forward-thinking IT can benefit employees in the workplace.

Digital Solutions to Address Mental Health

One example of progressive wellness tech for employees addresses sleeplessness and insomnia. Sleeplessness is closely linked to stress, which can be caused by or have an effect on performance at the office. Most experts agree that Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia is themost adequate治疗这种疾病。

The trouble is that there is a shortage of licensed professionals who can provide this therapy in person. The development of digital therapy has addressed this scarcity, however. Employees can access digital sleep therapy with a smartphone or computer and an internet connection. This low-cost, highly scalable solution can have positive impacts on employees’ mental health.


现代健康技术还可以帮助促进灵活的工作,如偏远或兼职工作时间表。特别是千禧一代,特别是在健身和福祉方面寻求灵活性。数字平台,如Classpass,与现有的HR解决方案集成在一起定制健身课程and wellness solutions to employees.



随着工作场所在立即转移的情况下,雇主的健康管理计划应该准备好适应新的挑战。我们已经提到遥控工作正在上升。与人工智能一起工作也可能become commonplace




在注册企业健康方案时收集关于员工健康的数据,可能会导致更适当的风险评估和结果。工作场所健康公司OurHealthuses big data and analytics to make healthcare more affordable and more accessible for companies and employees.


It’s clear that in order to promote a robust health initiative in the workplace, administrators should increasingly rely on tech solutions. With the potential tech has on the healthcare sector overall, it would be unwise to ignore IT innovations in occupational health. As a North London IT support company, we atAmazing Support支持技术和IT解决方案是一种理想的方法to create employee wellness strategies.

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