The current pandemic has turned all our lives upside down and few businesses could have ever prepared themselves for what we are experiencing. Our day-to-day lives have been completely uprooted and we are all having to quickly adapt to what’s going on.我们许多人最明显的变化是现在越来越多的工作人员现在在家工作。我们都知道遥控工作的重要性,一旦冠心病开始消退,它就会使我们有益。但是,这并不意味着任何人都始终容易适应这个新的工作日。即使是习惯于家庭工作的工作人员也不习惯这种工作方式。他们不仅在家中度过了他们的工作日,而且还在晚上和周末。作为雇主或经理,至关重要,您可以通过这次帮助指导您的员工。我们不只是希望保留员工积极主动并确保良好的工作流程,但在此期间,员工心理健康很容易受到影响。我们应该始终照顾我们员工的心理健康,毕竟,快乐的员工是成功公司的基础。


Personal relationships rely on communication and work relationships are no different. It is the key element to keep your business running smoothly during quarantine and making sure everybody is as satisfied as possible with the situation.视频通话可以帮助保持常态感,每个人现在都渴望,并使每个人都在常规中。这些聊天将更容易设置未来几天的定义目标,并为查询提供开放空间,并互相反弹。打开楼层以讨论关于什么,不好运作,所以你可以扼杀芽中的任何问题。多年来,我们全部与我们合作的人形成密切的债券。工作人员将他们的大部分时间与同事一起度过了大部分时间,并保持这些关系很重要。仅仅因为他们在工作视频通话中,它并不意味着所有喋喋不休都需要与工作有关。诚实地说,工作场所的每次对话都与工作有关?那么为什么现在应该有任何不同?一个友好的面孔和一个有趣的对话可以使我们周围的人的差异。Especially for those who live alone,社会互动对于良好的心理健康是必要的它也可能是让任何人旗帜问题的好机会。此时,您可以提供资源以帮助或只是友好的耳朵。只要记住,工作人员将永远不会在他们的办公桌前,分心是不可避免的。因此,如果您试图与某人取得联系,如果他们没有直接反应,就不会消极反应。


Managing staff with the old fashioned pen and paper may have worked before lockdown, but it will certainly be tricky now. Similarly, emails are a great communication tool but you can easily lose track of them and staff may forget to update you with their goings-on.您可以在线管理所有内容,从正在进行的项目,员工假期和时间表 - 确保没有错过任何东西。课程如Cezanne HR软件非常适合这一点,可以轻松适应您的业务需求。It is a good place to easily track any members of staff that could be struggling. Under-performing at this time should never be mistaken for poor ability or work ethic, some people simply need more support at this time and this is the perfect opportunity to provide it.This will also help greatly when we all do return to our offices. Some staff may be able to do so as soon as it is safe to, while some may have trouble organising childcare or may have to self-isolate.By using an online HR system, you can ensure no matter where any staff member is working, they can all stay updated and let you know how projects are going on their side.


While your employees may have had no issue with working normal office hours, things are much different now. Each day comes with new announcements and what may not matter to you could make a huge impact on someone else.我们都需要锻炼灵活性。您的团队成员可能不习惯与尖叫的孩子一起努力,要求宠物或病人周围的家庭成员,他们现在不得不兼顾这一点fitting a full working day into their schedule。一直局限于他们的家。如果一个受欢迎的人或家庭成员的合同,那么情绪压力也可以很容易地加强,风险较高的主要工作人员。这可以增加焦虑和担心,往往导致日常斗争来管理他们的工作量。允许您的员工在工作时间灵活,并在适合它们时完成任务可以让他们的生活更轻松。

4. Encourage Breaks

It’s a common mistake and one that so employees often do, overworking when at home can be easily done. Your employees may often feel the need to prove their ability remotely and will therefore never take a break, including lunch breaks.Although you may be trying to squeeze as much work in as possible, especially with such an unsure economy, you need to discourage this. Breaks are essential to give our brains a rest and (if possible in our homes) get some fresh air and exercise, even if it’s just stretching our legs away from our desks.如果您想要员工的质量,您需要牺牲一点时间,以便尽可能振兴。Government guidelinesstate we can leave our homes once a day for exercise, while we all still have evenings free, we don’t always have the energy at the end of the working day. Consider allowing longer lunch periods so staff can get the exercise they need to stay healthy, not just physically, but mentally too.


只是因为工作人员都在不同的地方,现在并不意味着你不能继续培训。By continuing to further your staff’s skills you are not just keeping everyone up to date with the best practices, but also showing value.Staff’s progression plans may now be on hold and this can be disheartening to some, especially if they were working towards goals before the pandemic.虽然您可能无法在目前通过公司进入人们的资源,但它不应该意味着您不愿培训培训。There are plenty of online courses, webinars and training videos available, collate these and share them with your team. Some of your team don’t know how to deal with all this free time so it can keep them busy whilst feeling productive as there is only so much Netflix they can watch.
The most important thing to remember, none of us have been here before and it is going to take some trial and error, along with patience and time to iron out all the kinks. The main focus is making sure everybody is on the same page, feels appreciated and are comfortable approaching you with any queries or concerns which will inevitably arise.