Due to the ravages of the Coronavirus pandemic, workforce management has been turned on its ear. With businesses struggling to extinguish the financial fires ignited by employee morale issues, layoffs, forced terminations, and COVID testing requirements, it’s no longer feasible for frontline managers to take on the burden of managing employment issues.



Travel-hungry employees will seek opportunities abroad


Employees bitten by the travel bug and unable to satiate their appetite for adventures abroad will likely enjoy their newfound freedom by fleeing their home base, especially after putting their trips on standby for several months to several years. While the occasional tropical vacation may not seem like a cause for concern in HR departments, it’s vital to note that these post-cabin-fever responses include seeking places to work and lay down permanent roots across the globe.


As job-hopping digs roots and stakes its claim as our new normal, companies must work to evolve with the times. For example,医疗人员配置机构像融合医疗人员一样,通过预期医疗专业人员的未来需求,并确保他们可以获得全球就业机会,适应了这一预期趋势。

For those travel-hungry professionals hoping to bounce from country to country and lead a nomadic lifestyle, turning to the medical field and researching short-term opportunities is your best bet in achieving ultimate career fulfillment.



As COVID forced employers to abide by mandatory quarantine procedures, employees have realized the undeniable benefits of working from home (WFH). With this new level of understanding, more people are looking for WFH opportunities. For those essential employees, you may be wondering: What’s the appeal of WFH?

员工喜欢节省时间没有通信uting. Additionally, these working professionals also like the flexibility of adjusting their work hours around other facets of their lives. Finally, employees with young children at home see the benefits of being closer to home and eliminating childcare costs.

As an HR professional, your challenge will be to learn how to提供混合工作模型的同时管理员工和人力资源问题。不幸的是,这些与办公室相关的试验和磨难将需要更先进的技术和更高的创造力水平来制造工作。


这不仅仅是实现对遥控工作的益处的员工。雇主也越来越意识到潜在的福利,这是显而易见的,因为在就业市场上越来越多的偏远位置越来越多。对于像你这样的人力资源专业人士,这意味着changes in HR management are in store for the post-COVID时代。

As an HR professional with influence within the organization, you might want to consider endorsing remote work models in conversations with its executives. The potential benefits of remote employees include:

  • 由于工人满足,生产力较高188宝金博网站
  • 办公室有关和技术成本的减少
  • 更多地访问更大的潜在员工
  • 员工满意度导致保留更高



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