Respect In The Workplace

Just yesterday I saw an interesting tweet from PU Technologies Inc. (@PUTechnologies)让我思考。

Respect In The Workplace

I thought about a latent intention of the author to include those topics in their “Don’t view people as mechanisms.” section but I got a better answer: Respect In The Workplace

And they’re right.尼娜瑞西指出,在全球范围内,只有44%的员工都说他们觉得他们的雇主有价值。这不是一个很好的数字。在其中,超过三分之一的受访者,意思是37%,说他们经常考虑退出工作并离开雇主。


A culture of respect

Every onboarding process should emphasize on respect in the workplace. It starts from the first contact with that company and it should be showcased in every interaction and process. First and foremost, it’s the leadership body that should set an example.Niels van Quaquebeke称之为尊重领导。

“尊重领导力的研究是关于识别领导者信号到下属的行为,即它们具有相同的价值 - 甚至给出了大多数工作场所的等级性质。工作价值观的研究表明,员工非常希望领导尊重。“

Respect In The Workplace

His paper onDefining Respectful Leadershipgoes on to describe the behaviors that a respectful leader should exhibit: However, it is equally important that employees manifest respect in their relationships and interactions, prompting this to be a cultural element rather than a policy or an imposed condition. Often enough, it’s the horizontal work relationships that can profoundly affect employee happiness and the atmosphere in the workplace.

以下是一些见解How to Demonstrate Respect at Work, by Susan M. Heathfield. As Paul Meshanko, author of The Respect Effect: Using the Science of Neuroleadership to Inspire a More Loyal and Productive Workplace,notes:

“As an added benefit, workplace environments rooted in respect tend to have fewer harassment and discrimination issues. According to statistics published by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, U.S. corporations paid $445.8 million to settle discrimination-related violations in 2012.”

有些组织有明确的policyon respect in the workplace, internal documents and even a尊重工作场所官员.


可以将错误的通信视为缺乏尊重工作场所的效果。I don’t like that guy so I won’t share that document with him may sound rational in someone’s head, but it throws professional courtesy right out the window. Other consider respect to be a way of communicating, unarguably a valid point as well.

The way you share a piece of information or the timing of it can also be interdependent to the respect you’re showing that person. Your body language should also reflect professional respect and courtesy, preventing you from rolling your eyes when a coworker has been talking for more than 10 min about a less than exciting topic.


众所周知的‘Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.’ can be easily validated in the workplace, through a culture of respect and efficient communication. It will significantly improve your company productivity and, more importantly, you workplace happiness.

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