7 Unusual Employee Benefits

There are some unusual employee benefits that you might have never thought about. Allow us to share some of our findings on employee benefits that won’t cost you a dime.

根据Tower Watson的research,员工福利套餐的成本可能超过其工资的20%。难道你不想让你的员工快乐和满意,而不多花20%的钱吗?

Here are 7 unusual employee benefits that we discovered to be effective.

1. Laughing

Encouraging laughter and good spirits around the office reduces workplace stress and creates a really fun environment to work in. You can even trylaughing yoga.

2. Air freshener

Air fresheners with aromatherapy scents can be really useful in tense or stressful workplaces.

Some fragrances in air fresheners offer healing properties, such as cinnamon (which soothes the nerves and lessens the appetite), lavender (which lessens headaches) and jasmine (which decreases feelings of depression and general malaise).

3. A pet

Not only are pet owners healthier individuals, but they tend to be happier as well. In a study performed byThe Bio Agency, 16% of the people canvassed had an office pet. Approximately 55% of them admitted they would feel more motivated if they did have a pet in the office. Read morehere.

4. Indoor slippers

It was a surprise when I noticed that some of my coworkers were showing up in slippers at work. They would have a work pair of slippers that would help them feel more relaxed and at ease. I didn’t get it until I got my own work slippers.

Now I do. It’s a great feeling of relaxation and ownership on the space you work in that makes you more productive.


Colors can invoke feelings and behaviors. Having happy colors around you can boost happiness levels and give you more energy. For example, warm colors often evoke feelings of happiness, optimism and energy.

Here’show colors can help you at work.

6. Light

Light, especially natural light, increases your state of alertness and even your happiness. It also helps get rid of an old productivity enemy, sleepiness. Here’s a greatstudyon Effects of Prior Light Exposure on Early Evening Performance, Subjective Sleepiness, and Hormonal Secretion.

7. A Sandwich Maker

Maybe you don’t have a fully equipped, dream office kitchen. You can still provide employees with some easy solutions such as a basic sandwich maker. Help them save time and get a useful 10 minutes sandwich break instead of a 45 min take-out break.

Plus, people can bond over a sandwich and get those social interaction levels higher.


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