为什么要使用工作场所的健康呢?好firstly, morally, it’s the right thing to do. Equally important, wellbeing has a direct effect on productivity. And on a broader level, absenteeism and presenteesim is costing the UK economy as much as£77 billion every year
There’s plenty of research out there to prove that wellness in the workplace pays. Healthy employees have more energy, are more motivated and stay focused for longer.

1. Pay attention to posture

很少有企业会足够重视办公室人体工程学。但是,工作场所的姿势对生产力和旷工产生了巨大影响。188宝金博网站根据国家统计局的官员31 million working days were lost2016年在英国由于肌肉骨骼问题,包括低腰疼痛。

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Both physical work and sedentary jobs can be harmful to the body. While safe practices for manual work are essential and most businesses seem to have this covered, the attention given to the harm caused by sitting for long periods is another matter. An alarming amount of businesses don’t invest properly in the right kind of equipment to support good posture. Neither do they actively encourage regular breaks from sitting.
作者迈克·詹姆斯对德里拓设计的人体工程学专家尼古拉·亚当斯讨论,她对快速技术增长和日益久坐的工作环境之间的速度表示关注,以及在工作中提供适当教育的企业。她的博客贵公司的隐藏时间炸弹是什么?is well worth a read. It outlines the importance of occupational healthcare and offers tips on postural wellbeing.
Workers not only need appropriate chairs, desks and equipment, they also need to take regular breaks from sitting. This should be actively encouraged and become part of the office culture.Straighten Up UK是来自英国脊椎按摩协会的令人兴奋的计划improve posture and prevent back pain


根据咨询,调解和仲裁服务(ACAS),通过损失生产,招聘和缺勤,心理健康每年均为英国30亿英镑。健康和安全执行(HSE)报告1250万个工作日lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2016/17.


In the workplace, stress constricts thinking. One work performance expert said压力意味着我们做出了糟糕的决定,抢购决策,情绪决策,无法超越最新的危机。心理健康问题可以大大降低生产力。188宝金博网站

Importantly, recognise the signs of stress in your employees so you can rectify the situation quickly. Stress has a negative impact on motivation, loyalty and the body’s immunity. Ignoring stressed employees will impact absenteeism and ultimately hurt your business.

3. Focus on food

Good nutrition is essential for good health. It’s no surprise that what you eat affects your productivity. Provide healthy snacks, a fruit bowl and organise regular team lunches with healthy offerings. Your focus can even extend to educating your employees about the benefits of healthy eating. The British Heart Foundation offer免费资源对于健康的饮食研讨会,您可以为您的员工运行。


饮食对体重的深远影响,你的幸福感,甚至影响某些疾病的危险因素。它对雇主提供了完美的意义encourage healthy eating at work
Eating mindfully与我们吃的那么重要。鼓励员工享用午餐。

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