manage workload

Managing remote workers is a challenge many businesses have faced in the past 12+ months. Poor communication, decreased productivity, reduced employee engagement and increased workloads are just a handful of problems business professionals have faced since the UK was told to “work from home”.


If you are one of the many businesses planning on incorporating remote working into your business model for the future, this blog will be beneficial to you.


The Impact Of An Unmanageable Workload


没有变化,正在进行的员工压力会影响您的整个业务。Studiesshow that employee stress can lead to employeeburnout,损失有价值的工作人员和高员工营业额。

Aside from impacting employee health, heavy workloads also affect workplace morale, communication and colleague relationships. Plus, heavy workloads have been known to contribute to errors in the workplace, as well as conflicts amongst the team.


Provide Several Communication Options

Effective communication is important for every team in every business. Without communication, it will be challenging for yourself and your team to discuss workloads,collaborateon projects and raise workload-related concerns. When your team is working from home, effective communication is more important than ever.


您还可以建议即时消息,例如The WhatsApp组。您的员工将能够讨论他们正在协作的项目,提出问题和聊天的工作和非工作相关的东西。




Small meetings are also a great way to increase communication and create an open work environment where team members feel comfortable asking for help when they need it.

Provide Task Management Apps

When your business has a range of customers/clients, projects, deadlines and priorities, it can be challenging for even the most organised employee to stay on top of things.


Ensure Employees Can Easily Access Their Workload


迁移到云解决方案, such as Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace is the best way to ensure your team have everything they need. When working from the cloud, your employees will be able to access their emails, calendars, contacts, files and more, no matter where they are working from.


Encourage An Open And Honest Environment

你的员工是否感到舒服地承认他们的工作量太多了?如果他们的工作量导致他们压力,员工会来找你吗?在遥控工作时,至关重要的是,您仍然创建一个令人思想的公开和诚实的工作场所employee mental health.

Carry out a weekly or monthly team meeting and encourage your employees to be upfront and honest if they are struggling with their workload. Demonstrate understanding, offer support where needed and praise employees that are honest about their workload. This will encourage others to do the same.