Nowadays, learning new skills is easier than ever. With many webinars, online courses, and tons of free information on the Internet, the job market should be brimming with talented people for hire. Nonetheless, the reality is entirely different.
技能差距是许多雇主必须面对的重要问题。事实上,对熟练员工的搜索已成为一个以上招聘经理的无穷无尽的活动。同时,许多熟练的求职者仍然失业。当然,期望一个人掌握寻找和雇用熟练劳动力的所有方面是不现实的。如果您在此过程中遇到问题,请考虑征集一名人员配备机构of your choice.


If you are looking for skilled employees, you will have to go beyond the local job market. Even in the USA, the richest country in the world, experienced people in your target fields may be found in the least expected places.

  • Use search engines to find job websites,
  • 在您的利基搜索博客,
  • 寻找社交媒体网站上的工作机会,
  • Check job boards and be alert to new openings.


即使在21世纪,许多雇主仍在前fer to search for employees via word-of-mouth. Online job searches often result in a large number of unqualified candidates. Additionally, there is no need to mention that主动求职者并不总是最好的。


It is often the case that a skilled job seeker visits your company’s website to learn more about the organization. Furthermore, this person may be interested in your job openings and send you an application.




Join Social Networks

Social media is agreat platform to find potential candidates。要在社交媒体上查找熟练的员工,您可以创建Facebook组或Instagram HashTag以吸引感兴趣的用户。

Use Professional Recruiters

Professional recruitersare often in the position to help you find the perfect candidate for the job. Nonetheless, it is important to know that many of them charge you a fee for their services. Be sure not to waste your time and money on recruiters that do not deliver the results you need.


参加会议是一个great way to connect with skilled workers这对他们的工作充满热情。这些人最有可能与其他有前途的专业人士分享他们的知识。
There are many networking events taking place throughout the year, so you should attend one of them to meet smart people that can help your business grow.

Join Groups on Facebook and LinkedIn

It is quite common to find groups of people that speak about a specific niche on Facebook and LinkedIn. If you are looking for skilled workers, it is important to join some of these groups and interact with them regularly.



In order to find candidates on LinkedIn, the best practice is to search for candidates in the following ways:

  • 搜索关键字或技能的候选人。为此,您可以轻松使用LinkedIn的高级搜索功能。您可以根据他们的技能,就业历史,利益或他们为工作的公司搜索人们。
  • Search for candidates by location。If you need candidates from a specific location, use the same advanced search function. You can select specific locations. To do so simply type in your preferred location (e.g., “California” or “New York”).
  • 寻找前员工。如果您需要找到过去留下贵公司的有经验的工人,请使用您可能知道功能的LinkedIn的人。这是找到已经离开公司的技术工人的最有效的方法之一。
  • Search for candidates based on the company they work for or used to work for。使用LinkedIn的高级搜索功能。您可以搜索目前为特定公司工作的候选人,或者曾经为某公司工作但是自留下的公司以来。这些是寻找熟练工人的优秀场所。


  • Make sure you have a current career site that allows applicants to easily apply online for job opportunities with your company.
  • 确保您有一个推荐计划,允许您当前的员工参考可能适合贵公司的文化和工作环境的候选人。通过这个计划,您将员工提到由公司聘用的技术工人,这是让他们参与招聘过程的好方法!


Indeed is another great place to search for skilled employees. This site is anaggregator of millions of job postingsfrom thousands of different companies across the world. Indeed is still one of the most popular job sites because of their high-quality job listings and advanced user features.




With 500 million users and countless numbers of potential candidates, Twitter makes for a great place to find job candidates. For example, Twitter is an excellent place to find skilled workers who are part of the startup community. If you are looking to hire from this specific community, searching on Twitter would be a good place to start!

Attend Local Events



Even though there are plenty of ways to find skilled workers nowadays, especially when compared to the past, this abundance of potential sources can be a curse in disguise! With so many people to hire, it is easy to get lost and turn your hiring process into a long and heinous ordeal. Hopefully, this article will answer some of the questions you may have about where to find skilled employees, and help you find the right person for the job. Good luck!

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