保持千禧长的工人 - 如何改善员工保留

Millennials: the dominant generation in the U.S. workforce, according to various labor reports, may have a slightly tainted reputation for not staying at any one particular job for a very long period. The constant turnover of millennial workers is both tiring and expensive for company hiring managers. The problem is not that millennials cannot keep a job; it is that they have a different outlook on careers than any other generation previously.



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According to theDeloitte Millennial Survey of 2016那25% of those that were surveyed said that they would want to leave their job within the next year and 44% have already planned to resign in two years. The statistics show that 68% of millennials stated that the longest they would remain with the same employer is only three years. These facts are probably one of the contributing factors to the fact that the average United States worker spends only 15 months per job in today’s society.

为了诱惑并获得千禧一代的礼物,越来越多的公司正在重新设计旨在保持千禧一代的员工。在FreshBooks An.invoicingand会计软件提供商那employee and Manger of Support, Grace Antonio 32, found that offering an increase in pay does not impress, or rather equate to, higher millennial retention rates. Since the traditional occupational perks have been proven inadequate at keeping millennials in a job, Antonio wanted to explore what drives a millennial to keep a particular career path with one company. She has shared what she did to increase retention rates to an average retention rate of over 90% with millennial employees:


How to Improve Your Employee Retention




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When each and every employee is delivering incredible performance to all of the company’s customers, it affects the employee’s devotion to that particular brand. When customers are happy with a company, their reactions influence the worker’s satisfaction of their job. According to some studies, businesses that focus on the happiness of their customers, maintain 40% engaged and 24% fully engaged employees instead of correspondingly 18% and 4% for other companies that don’t have a customer-centric approach to employee engagement. Companies like FreshBooks who require all of their new employees to do some time in customer support services say that their workers develop a meaningful connection with the way clients feel and develop empathy towards their needs.

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When employees develop a bond with customers, they are more dedicated to their work because they do not feel like they are working for a faceless corporation. Millennials are often concerned with the fact that they want to work for an ethical organization. Workers want to know that their job really means something to others and after they spend some time with customers, they feel encouraged to interact with everyone more meaningfully. In turn, the experience leads improved loyalty from workers because when they are happy with their job, they are more likely to stay with the company longer.

3. Leverage A Shared Purpose

Millennial workers tend to be driven by knowing that they are making a difference more so than by money.74% of millennial job searchersstated that they would be more inclined to accept a job where they feel like they really matter to others and are making a difference. Young workers that have a sense that they are doing a meaningful job are three times more likely to stay with the same company than those who do not. These workers have also reported that they are more engaged at work and more satisfied when they have a shared purpose with the company they work for.

Millennial workers want to share all of the responsibilities of the company. Most millennials want to feel empowered and be included in all forms of the company’s decision making. It is important that employers create equal opportunities for their young employees, but to also make them as integrated in terms of business decisions as possible. Being able to say that they embrace the company’s values that they work for is a massive step toward being more ambitious and devoted company for most Millennials.

Millennials want to know all about the company that they work for. Millennial workers often resent the company they work for if they are not included in the company’s plans for the future. These workers want to continue learning all of the time. If an employee feels like they are learning new skills on the job, then they are much more likely to stay with the business. Learning new things helps keep the workers engaged and dedicated to their work.

根据一项调查,87% of millennialssay that their occupational growth opportunities are particularly important to them in a job. Also, 68% of those who have confidence that they received adequate progressive opportunities in the last year said that they have intentions of staying with their current employer for the near future. Around 70% of the changes in employee attentiveness is believed to be credited to themanager那位员工。想要进展其千禧一代雇员保留率的公司需要鼓励他们的经理和工人之间的联系态度。

Effective Employee Engagement Must Be One-on-One





千禧一代想为一家公司工作,not make them sacrifice their lifestyle with emails, texts and other work-related problems outside of work hours. Millennials desire a career where they can feel like they are helping other people as a valuable employee of a corporation. These workers want to know all about the company that they work for because they want to have the same values as their co-workers. Millennials pride themselves in working for an ethical business. One of the most important things for employed millennials is that they want to be recognized for the work that they do. Millennials are not likely to stay with a company where they do not feel appreciated. Employers that want to successfully keep Millennials working need to remember that millennials are not like workers of the past.
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