Let’s face it, onboarding and training new employees is a pain for everyone. At the end of the day, both the company and employee would like the new hire to be able to get to work sooner. However, an employees success at the company often relies on their level of confidence and competency that only a proper onboarding experience can provide. The list of employee onboarding best practices below will help you get the best of both worlds:


根据斯蒂芬巴默,创新战略和创新主管探查街机,微观学习是公司可以实施的独特培训技术帮助员工保持卫生大会t they have learned。根据被称为Ebbinghaus的遗忘曲线的概念,这是重要的,这描述了人们倾向于忘记30天后忘记他们在不努力保留新信息时所学到的内容。

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Microlearning serves as a solution to this problem, as it relies on a series of small learning modules designed to offer employees a more effective way to retain information.

Help New Employees Feel Connected to the Company

In a recent article for Inc. Magazine, James Sudakow, author of ‘Picking the Low-Hanging Fruit … and Other Stupid Stuff We Say in the Corporate World,’ writes about the importance of helping new employees feel connected to the company during their onboarding program. Sudakow notes that one of the primary reasons employees decide to leave a company within the first year of being hired is due to a misalignment of expectations.

Give New Employees Space and Time to Acclimate

Generally speaking, mostnew employee onboarding experiences是新员工和公司的压倒性。负面的onboarding经验可​​以在新员工眼中留下公司的持久负面印象。没有提及,提供新的员工填写文书工作的无聊日,审查员工手册可以导致信息过载。相反,它是最好的spread out information over time。Some possible ideas include the following:

  • Give new employees their training materials and employee handbook before their first day, so they can spend some time looking them over and getting comfortable with their job expectations before they arrive.
  • Allow new employees time to get comfortable in their new workspace.
  • Space the onboarding experience out over time.
  • 获得创意并赌博船上体验,使其变得不那么无聊。
  • 为新员工提供导师,教练,或者去的人,他们可以感受到舒适的问题。



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Today there are various tools in existence which help place important information in an easily accessible digital location that all employees can reference, while other digital tools provide easy ways to craft tutorials and onboarding lessons. Still, somedigital tools offer ways制作文书工作签署微风。


A successful new hire onboarding process leads to better employee retention and performance. Therefore, it’s important to spend some time thinking about your existing onboarding process to ensure that it is as good as possible. We hope these innovative best practices are helpful in assisting you with designing an up-to-date and highly successful new hire onboarding process.

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