How To Make Your People Plan Bloody Brilliant

The human resource plan is the expression of how the organization intends to acquire and retain the skills and competencies it needs to execute its strategic game plan.


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These straightforward actions will not only deliver a people plan that enables an organization to perform at the highest possible level, they will establish the human resource team as leaders in their field and the benchmark for others to follow.

Gather the right input

Know the strategic game planof the organization inside out. Translate it in terms of what it means specifically to the people element. Be as detailed and granular as possible: define the skills that are required, when they are required and how many of them are required.

A game plan to unleash the power of the internet requires strong internet protocol and data communications skills not just strong technology skills and communications expertise.


This is exceedingly important. The quality of the people plan must be measured by how effective it delivers capabilities that enable the organization to execute on its strategy, not on how well it completes projects the executive leader wants.

To this end, the business units should be the prime determinants of HR performance; they should have sign-off authority. Regular appraisal; action plans to improve. Internal customer-supplier relationship model.

It is also valuable to know what your competition is doing in terms of acquiring people. Study their strategy and approach. Evaluate their draft picks and put the top ones on your list for performance tracking and future consideration.

Know the strategic game planand copy what others are doing in people planning. If the leadership team has done their job well, the game plan of the organization will mandate that the people function be unique and different from will other organizations. Determine your special needs rather than following what works for others.


Build individual plans to deal with skills acquisition, people engagement and retention and skills exit. These three pillars represent the essence of the plan, but each one is separate and requires a different focus so develop plans for three streams of activity rather than trying to have a single plan capture everything that must be done.

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Focus on the critical few competencies required to achieve 80% of the game plan. Spraying your efforts to acquire a broader set of skills will be ineffective and costly.

与其他组织建立密切的关系 - 特别是协会 - 吸引了在未来5年内需要具体技能和专业知识的个人。

If you need sales skills, for example,get close to associations这很容易和立即访问对销售有兴趣的人,谁可能拥有所需的销售经验。

最终的情况是到哪里e you have an ongoing process in place that defines the skills and expertise needed for the business to meet its strategic intent and you have external partners who come to YOU with candidates for the positions you have available.


Once a draft people plan has been prepared, review it with each business unit for their comments and input to make it more relevant to the issues they face.

Get sign off from each business unit. They need to feel it is THEIR plan and be confident it will help them meet the market challenges they will face over the coming years.


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