Hiring is becoming an HR concern as the economies rise back after the pandemic. It is a top priority among HR professionals, with about half of employers planning to expand their staff in 2021.

Apart from typical activities like simply posting jobs on job boards or looking for potential candidates on LinkedIn, modern HR professionals might want to apply some basic SEO skills to help them find candidates faster.

How SEO can be beneficial for HR



Here are some of the basic steps for optimizing your vacancies on thematic websites.

1. Use keywords


To do that, you need to do keyword research – don’t worry, it’s not complicated since different tools make everything almost automatic. Plus, most of them have demo accounts, so you can understand how everything works for free.

One such tool isSE RankingKeyword Research tool that helps analyze keywords, choose the best queries that will rank high, and examine the top search queries for every keyword you’ve chosen. To get the desired result, enter your “seed word” (in your case, it’s the job title) in this SEO software.

keyword research tool


关键词研究将帮助你和erstand how people actually search for jobs. With a dedicated Keyword Research tool, you will see:

  • The exact wordings people use when searching对于它们每个每个的工作和搜索卷。您可以在搜索职位开口时看到人们是否在“全职”或“入门级别”中使用单词。
  • Whetherpeople use local keywords那e.g., city, region, state, or a specific company name.
  • Which类似的关键词可以在搜索相同的工作时使用。
  • Which specifickeywords may be strongly relevant for this job。在您正在寻找特定员工的情况下,这些都很有用。

Understanding how candidates are using search engines to look for jobs is halfway to creating a super-relevant job opening post which nails it with search engines and brings in more eyes and clicks.

2. Mind ranking factors for the job title

There are many ranking factors affecting your vacancy page, but the most important one is the job title. The following advice will help you nail it:

  • Exact job title: make sure it includes a precise title of the position, and especially – in the way regular people talk about it. You may have a fancy corporate culture where the office manager is called something like “Lead Enabler,” but that’s not the title people will search for when looking for job opportunities.
  • 包括相关的额外信息: mention the type of the job you offer, whether it’s an internship, part-time, remote, full-time, etc. It will help the search engines pinpoint your open job post since many people add such details in the search, i.e., “web developer part-time.”
  • 保持简短: as a rule, your job title is shown as the page title in the search results. So, it should consist of no more than60个字符那be precise yet engaging.
  • 包括您的品牌名称:some job-seekers may be looking for vacancies in a specific company, and that’s your chance to get noticed!
  • Avoid anything not absolutely crucial for searching: anything like “committed to team culture” or “your new great opportunity” should be out of the title and make its way into the job description.

Also, use谷歌趋势要检查某些关键字搜索的卷上的数据,以便为您的右侧拾取正确的措辞职称。自从fewer workers respond to ads in the COVID era(20% decline), it will be useful to check on HR trends across various regions and languages to improve your chances to find the candidate faster. It may happen that the same job is trendy in one area and is not quite popular in another. For example, you may see that web developer jobs are surprisingly more interesting to Utah residentson the screenshot below。If you hire remote developers, you may consider paid advertising for precisely this state. That will reduce the cost per click in Google Ads and increase your chances of attracting job seekers who are actively interested in your job.

keyword research tool


3. Create a unique job description

When you’re looking for a not-so-important role, you may be tempted just to copy a similar job description from a competitor and call it a day. Apart from ethical issues, it’s a big no-no in the SEO sense because search engines don’t like plagiarism and downrank such pages accordingly. You may glance at some ideas of how other HRs write their job descriptions but always aim for a unique job description. To check whether your job description is unique, you can useCopyscapeorGrammarly

keyword research tool


One of the most important signals for search engines to rank a page up or down is the behavioral patterns of those who reach the page. If the search engines see that people close the page immediately, don’t read it or click on the “Apply for this job” button much less than on other similar pages, that’s a strong signal for a search engine that this page is less relevant so that they will downrank it for sure.

As reported in an确实调查那52% of the candidates asked about the influence of the job description said that it was either very or extremely influential. The general advice is to try to make the job description interesting enough to read it, scroll through it, and be willing to apply. Let’s talk about it in more details:

  • 用简单的语言描述工作,不要用典型的企业中性语调说话。正常的人类语言创造同理心,而企业谈论立即疏远,产生更高的反弹率,可能会恶化页面排名。
  • 提供该工作的相关细节。Mention the core responsibilities, required skills, and personal traits. The better detailed and accurate your job description, the more the chance that people will stay longer reading it (lower bounce rate) and further interact with it (more user actions like clicking on the “Apply” button).
  • Include salary details.人们在没有看到任何关于工资范围内的任何东西时,人们都会戒掉招聘过多的方式。根据确实调查的,25%的求职者声称,薪资和福利是空缺中最重要的部分。此外,在大流行期间,慷慨的失业效益,人们现在的价值比找到正常薪水的重视。因此,职位描述中的薪水率较高将带来更多机会追捕候选人。


  • Avoid large walls of text它立即使其太无聊阅读。将其保持不超过700个单词和子弹 - 点最重要的部分,如谷歌排名良好的良好的内容。
  • Use the keywords你在整个文本中选择,但不要过度。平均关键字密度是大约2%
  • Let people know who you are为什么它可能诱人为您的公司工作。72%的求职者在阅读空缺时关注公司文化。此外,考虑在大流行期间获得的健康和金融风险,并变得不太可能转工就业机会。因此,与其他人相比,相关和有用的工作信息将获得更多应用程序点击。

keyword research tool


4. Mind local search

Aside from pandemic-induced shift to remote work, many people that provide in-person services (grocery store managers, drivers, nurses) are still looking for open job opportunities in a specific city or region. By adding geographic information to your job, you narrow your search and get applications from candidates who are directly interested in working for you. Here are some tips on how to use local search features in your job postings:

  • 将城市或地区添加到您的空缺题目;
  • In the job description, list the regions where you have offices;
  • Use keywords such as “sales rep in New York” in the vacancy text – that is, with an accurate geographic reference;
  • When creating a company profile on a job search website, indicate the cities you have representative offices.

keyword research tool


5. Search in the right places

Google continues launching its feature calledGoogle for Jobsaround the globe that makes more HR specialists care about SEO techniques. The service pulls all the job postings relevant to a search and displays them on the search result page. It is a great help for any human resources manager as high-ranked job postings will attract more views and clicks from the candidates.

keyword research tool


The catch is that you cannot post to it directly. It will automatically look for job postings that use the specificJobPostingschema for marking up data on the page. To add JobPosting schema markup to your company site, you’d need help from SEO specialists. As for the largest job sites where you usually post your vacancies, they all use it, so you don’t have to care about it there.

此外,可能有一些职位板,你可能不知道。寻找类似的东西“最佳职位主板2021”+您空缺的职称in particular niche websites. Chances are you’ll find some lists of job boards for this profession, like the list of theBest Niche Job Boards for Web Designer Jobs那where you can apply to be included in this list. Be sure to differ from competitors’ job offers.


To get more quality applications on your job postings, you don’t need to be an experienced SEO specialist. The search for candidates becomes more competitive and complicated as the hiring market shifts so quickly in 2021. Thus experiment with SEO skills and smart tactics to stay afloat. SEO basics are one of such skills which HR specialists should utilize.Be original and describe your vacancy in detail in simple language with bullet points, and you’ll receive a stream of applications from relevant job-seekers.