How To Ensure Your Employees Are Safe At Work


该Agencies Concerned With Safety And Health

Workplace safety and health have several agencies and laws relating to it, including:

  • 职业安全和健康管理局(OSHA)管理职业安全和卫生法,大多数私人公司都被他们监督。
  • 该Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has responsibility for the safety and health of people working in mines, regardless of the size of the mine, how many employees there are or what is being extracted.
  • 该Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) relates to the employment of young workers and is administered by the Wage and Hour Division of theDepartment of Labor.

该re are several other departments and laws that you may come across if you are looking at safety and health as an employer, and you have to remember that first and foremost, they are there to advise you on making your workplace safe.



Start by carrying out a risk assessment. This involves going all around your company, considering every piece of furniture, equipment, and flooring to see if they pose any sort of hazard at all. Some employers involve their employees in this process, on the basis that as they are working in the environment, they may be aware of dangers the employer has not spotted. Other companies employ specialists in risk assessments. Whichever you do, it is advisable to write down all the findings and make a note of what you have done to rectify a problem.

This risk assessment can then be used to help you formulate a safety and health policy. This is the rules that all employees must abide by so that they are not a danger to themselves or anyone else.

Machinery And Equipment

Always make sure that any machinery and equipment is in good working order, with safety guards fitted if need be. Some people think this refers just to factory machinery, but there is some office equipment that overexposure to can affect the eyes, such as photocopiers. Regularly maintaining any machinery and equipment is vitally important, but even more crucially, only workers with the proper training should use them. A piece of machinery being used by an untrained person can have fatal consequences.

In fact, faulty equipment could invalidate your insurance cover, which is something that can be explained in more detail by someone like the experts atNext Insurance.



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它应该始终是一个很好的契合,或者可能并不那么有效。此外,如有必要,工人应在适当使用的情况下接受培训。凭借很少的例外情况,雇主有责任提供所需的PPE,您必须确保它取决于法律要求的标准。该 has much more detailed information about PPE and many other items relating to keeping your employees safe while they are at work.

Other Measures

该se are not the only things that you can do to reduce the risk of accidents. Making sure walkways are kept free of spillages and obstacles, keeping stairwells well lit and with a secure handrail, and making sure your staff have proper restroom and washing facilities will all help towards the aim of caring for their well-being while they are at work. Then you need to look at the laws for safety and health relating to your industry. Some jobs are more dangerous than others, and there could well be extra rules and regulations for yours.

Spot Checks





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