Back in the 1950s, a man wouldn’t dream of taking paternity leave. Most households were supported by one income, and men weren’t expected to want or need the time off.




Whether you’ve given a lot of thought to your parental leave policy or you’re still working on it, here’s how you can support your employees on paternity leave and show them that you know how important, joyful (and stressful!) this time is for them.






Something as simple as expressing your understanding of it being a time of transition and that you’re open to accommodate this change in their life can do wonders for morale and stress levels.




Consider giving them the gift of a little relaxation and time to themselves. A coupon for a massage or yoga class can help manage the stress and worry of being a new parent immensely. In fact, one study revealed that massage therapy could将“压力激素”皮质醇减少31%!!

4. Have the Team Chip In


Organizing a collective gift for the new parents, like a fruit basket, can be a great way to show the office’s support and congratulations. This shouldn’t be obligatory, of course, but most employees will likely want to be a part of the group gift.


为了在整个休假期间支持您的员工,完全审查和了解贵公司的政策再和他们谈谈。如果你不坏蛋rently have an official paternity leave policy, your employee’s new addition might be the catalyst for establishing one.

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6. Offer Paid Parental Leave

If you’ve only offered unpaid leave up to this point, you may want to consider implementing paid leave. Your employees will be able to take the time they need to bond with their new addition without worrying about money and potentially coming back to work too soon.

While paid leave is still an emerging benefit in the United States, employers who offer it can attract more experienced workers who value paid parental leave. Age plays a role in how important parental leave is to prospective employees, and you can attract top talent with more experience by offering paid parental leave.


了解婴儿进入家庭的期望是雇主和员工的关键。除了员工将起飞的时间,经理应该与员工合作create a transition plan提前时间。

This might include who will be taking over key duties, what needs to be done ahead of time, and what will occur when the employee returns. This improves communication and provides clarity to both parties as to what expectations will be before and after the leave.

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