曾经是20年初的梦想是什么TH.世纪现在integral part of modern life. I bet your grannies could have imagined working for a company situated in the other part of the world. But now work at a distance won’t surprise anybody. However, such shift on the job market implies some changes in HR workflow. Let’s take a look at the differences in hiringremote employees和内部员工。


When you face the shortage of local specialists, you can hire one from abroad. For example, Scandinavian countries lack IT specialists that’s why they either outsource their tasks or make relocation offers to foreigners.

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If you have to find workers for short-term projects, it’s better to hire remotely. When the project is over, you’ll have to fire that person, which may affect company’s reputation.

Job Description

This rule concerns both in-house and remote employees – be as precise as possible while writing a job description. If you don’t explain a candidate the responsibilities, you can find this person completing the task in a wrong way.
And a candidate sees a detailed description of the work, he/she is more likely to answer you.

Soft Skills

One of the mistakes HRs make while looking for a remote worker is that they do not even try to imagine what type of person they need to hire for remote work, and actually what are the main features of a person able to work efficiently on distance.

– self-motivated as remote workers do not receive much support from managers and team members;

– good written communicator (because they will mainly chat in messengers);

– reliable (If a person doesn’t feel like trustworthy, how can you entrust business matters to him/her?).


The fact that you’re looking for people to work remotely doesn’t remove the necessity to interview a candidate face-to-face. Luckily, modern technology allows you to do so – video calls are at your disposal. But before that, there are some other ways to check the candidate – email and phone interview.
电子邮件interview may seem weird at first sight, but it has a few advantages. You can test this communication channel, how fast your future employees react to messages, and if they can answer the questions coherently in a written form. Arrange a phone call if you want to test candidate’s ability to answer logically and showcase verbal communication. Use Skype for check out behavioral factors – emotions, cultural compatibility, etc.

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Right Questions

The number of questions you ask is approximately the same, but they are different in content.

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It’s important for you to understand their organizational and planning skills because the chance of a missed deadline among remote workers is higher. Ask about the work environment where they are the most productive, what planning approaches they would advise to cope with the tasks.


他们收到的“饼干”可能与内部成员有什么不同,但它们绝对不会拒绝休假和度假信用。了解候选人的利益,以尽可能地个性化他们的津贴。这将是双方的双赢交易 - 你对工人的关心越多,越是雇用忠诚员工的机会。

Time Difference


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What you need to know is whether the working hours of in-house and remote worker should coincide or overlap would be enough. On the other hand, time difference plays into your hands, as the company gets a chance to operate 24/7.

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远程雇员通常是发现在两个工作or more projects, so there is always a chance they’ll leave. Thus, hiring an in-house staff for a long-term project feels more reliable.

Job Description

You can be less strict with your demands. I don’t mean you can write a vague description full of empty words saying nothing about the job. But in case of an in-house worker, you can leave out subtleties. If a candidate doesn’t know some peculiarities of the work, you can always count on team members – they will help out a novice. If a person is willing to study, he/she master the necessary skills during the workflow. It won’t go with a remote employee – you are looking for full-fledged specialists.

Soft Skills

Of course it depends on the position, but generally, a person you are looking for must be a team player since he/she is going to become a company member and share company’s values.
If you look through vacancy descriptions, you’ll see that the majority of them demand a candidate to be active. The extravert-based approach is, firstly, discriminating, and secondly, such narrow-minded approach may lead to conflicts. Even two strong leaders in a team can be too much. So, think twice before including word “active” into a vacancy description, and be more precise with what kind of activity you demand from a candidate – able to work or able to rule.
Written communication isn’t that important for an in-house employee. That’s where we typically demand decent presentation skills.


Here HR specialists don’t need to apply all the variety of interviews to test a candidate’s skillset. Sure, you can write emails, but you won’t pay that much attention to this type of communication – companies prefer face-to-face communication. (However, I know that some HRs won’t agree with me saying that writing shows if a person can put his/her thoughts logically).
Thus, the procedure includes CV screening, phone/Skype call and face-to-face meeting(s). Some companies also prefer to hold testing days so that a candidate could meet the team and get acquainted with real tasks. This method also is fine to see if people will find a common language and their work will be conflict-free.

Right Questions

In-house team members realize managers will control them, and they won’t be able to act a maggot. Even if they are, it won’t last long. So, in this case, it’s better to concentrate on other aspects such as teamwork. Ask about candidate’s experience of team success or failure, or if he/she can mediate disagreements.


Having a beautiful office with pets influences a company’s brand, but not a candidate’s choice. Would you agree to work for a company just because of elaborate design? I’d recommend staying away from indicating this as a perk. Let it be a pleasant surprise.


Team players need engaging team building activities. Games, picnics, pizza parties – it’s up to you and your company what to choose. Just help people make friends with their colleagues.

Time Difference

没有内部员工的问题,因为时区对他们的工作没有影响。但是,灵活的时间表可能部分相关。询问候选人你的意思是什么意思 - 如果工人可以在他们想要的时候离开,或者他们只是选择在办公室工作的最方便的工作时间(从8到5或11到8)。

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