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如果你在招聘工作了一段时间,你错过ght remember the days of keeping your applicants’ information in an all-powerful notebook. You might also remember when everyone upgraded their notebooks to Excel spreadsheets.
In 2021, there’s no excuse not to have an organized applicant tracking system that meets all of your recruiting needs. Why? Because there are dozens to choose from — all of which have varying features that suit different industries at different stages of growth.
According to recentLinkedIn research, one of the biggest pain points facing recruiters is a lack of time to complete an ever-growing list of tasks each day. But you shouldn’t have to work through all of them on your own — you can lighten the load with the proper applicant tracking tool.
In this post, we’re sharing six helpful tips that will guide you in choosing the best applicant tracking tool for your business needs.


当许多公司刚起步时,他们往往对增加员工需求的可能性缺乏远见。一家小型初创公司可能专注于finding essential key hires on a tight budget,领导人力资源部在资源上偷工减料。当你的企业已经成为一家全球性公司,在多个州或国家拥有数百个空缺职位时,这个盲点将不可避免地再次困扰你。


On the topic of growth, it’s important to think about who will be using your applicant tracking tool on a daily basis. Many HR departments employ temp recruiters and coordinators as they go through periods of growth. Will the applicant tracking tool you’re considering be intuitive enough for short-term employees to learn? Or will a coordinator on a three-month contract spend their first few weeks agonizing over dropdowns and checkboxes they can’t quite get right?
许多求职者跟踪工具提供培训视频或24-7个客户服务热线,可以帮助任何成长的烦恼。在选择你的软件时,检查哪些资源可供新用户使用,并对学习曲线进行一些研究。毕竟,使用申请人跟踪工具的意义在于lesswork for your recruiting staff. Don’t get caught up in a dazzling interface that might actually be more complicated than it’s worth.

3. Make sure you can customize automations

你的公司能在被动候选人面前脱颖而出的一个关键方法是通过一个强大的品牌。你努力创造一个独特的企业文化,确保这一点在你每天发送的大量电子邮件和LinkedIn信息中大放异彩是很重要的。许多申请人跟踪工具highly automated,但这只是一个优势,如果你不失去你的味道。
Highly desirable candidates receive dozens of cold-call messages a week, and the goal is to get them to actually read your note. Generic subject lines and pre-written blurbs just aren’t going to cut it with most candidates — you’ll need to spice it up. A tracking tool that allows for customization in all stages of the hiring process will get candidates in the door and keep them engaged until they sign their contracts.


So you’ve finally made an offer on that role that was your own personal Everest — and the candidate signed! Is this where they officially drop out of your tracking tool’s pipeline? Ideally, no.
Applicant tracking tools aren’t cheap, and the bigger your company gets, the more expensive your plan might become. It makes good budgeting sense to be sure you can put that money to work even after you bring a new hire on board.
最有用的求职者跟踪工具可以兼作人力资源管理系统。例如,一些cloud-based toolscan automatically collect and organize your applicants’ data in a simple table view. Your team can manage everything in one place — from initial skill evaluations to onboarding paperwork. Once your new hires officially join the team, you can use the same workspace to schedule performance evaluations, manage daily tasks, grant time-off requests, andmonitor employee productivity.


If we’ve learned anything from the tumultuous year of 2020, it’s that our businesses need to be set up for remote work — and not just temporarily. It’s becoming clear that our workplaces will be virtual for longer than anticipated — and for some companies, it could be forever. In an April 2020 survey,74%的公司他说,他们有一个计划,将一些员工转移到永久性的远程工作。一个申请人跟踪工具,不集成最常见的remote work resources让你的公司马上处于劣势。
如果您不能自动将缩放会议添加到远程面试面板,这将始终是一个前进的痛点。这似乎是一个小的不便,但你会遇到它every dayfor months until we’re able to safely interview candidates in person again. Even when that day comes, chances are some employees may still work from home or from geographically distant locations. Make sure your applicant tracking tool can keep the hiring process as seamless as possible from multiple locations.

6. Take a test drive before committing

在选择求职者跟踪工具时,最重要的一点是要确保你选择的工具是正确的你的company’s needs. This might sound obvious, but sometimes reading through all the feature descriptions and positive reviews of a tool can get you so excited you forget to focus on the functionality you need. What worked great for one recruiting team might be a bad fit for another.

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