HR is a constantly evolving field, with new responsibilities and opportunities becoming available as digital transformation takes hold and companies start to rely on human resources to do more than just mediate between employees and the organization. All of this change requires learning new skills, honing old ones and leveraging the technology that is now omnipresent throughout HR to make all of the many facets of the role more streamlined. With that in mind, below are 6 must-have HR tools in 2021, broken down by functionality.

Rewards and Recognition Software


There are识别软件提供商无论您是远程,完全在办公室还是混合操作,都可以轻松创建这种文化。

Recruitment & selection tools

Recruitment tools are anything used to help with finding, acquiring and even assessing human capital. They included AI-assisted tools for screening and shortlisting candidates, video interviewing tools, recruitment CRM, applicant tracking systems, testing and assessment tools and job aggregators which can either be third party or proprietary ones from within the company.

The recruitment process is complex and with a global pool of labour applying for jobs, sending applications and trying to make themselves known to organizations, automation and technology are must-haves for HR in 2021. Applicant tracking systems like SmartRecruiters, Greenhouse, and iCIMS work to make hiring easier, less labour-intensive and much more targeted.



Performance management helps visualize and quantify performance in ways that allow for better strategic decision-making and managers to better understand the individuals on their team, how they are performing, where they are lacking and how to boost performance and productivity.


The necessity of learning and development tools in 2021 speaks to the more active role that HR has come to play in the development of human capital. HR departments are not only administrators of people but are increasingly being tasked with helping steward employee professional development and talent deployment throughout the organization.

组织不仅希望通过专业发展更好地利用他们的劳动力并创造价值,但它是跨行业工作满意度和员工保留的越来越重要的一部分。培训机会已被证明是一个重要的部分员工决定留在公司的决定,因此他们对多个层面进行了战略性有用。像Ciphr LMS和数字等学习和开发工具是两种L&D工具,在过去一年中的流行度,并将继续对2021年的人力资源部产生影响。


继承规划工具are those which enable an organization to perform two key HR tasks: identify candidates that would be good fits for critical roles as leaders retie and leave the company and help plan for the former’s transition into the new roles prior to and during the switch.

More Baby Boomers retired in 2020 than in the前八年趋势持续到2021年,可能不会停止。他们留下背后的空缺需要填补,那些带缰绳的人必须达到速度并为工作做好准备。继承计划工具允许组织抢占这些事件,并在发生时自动化开关。


薪酬和福利工具帮助管理both of these within the organization and at different levels. They are important because they allow HR departments to stay on top of both of these important business facets from one centralized location while tracking important data regarding benefits use, performance and sending reminders to employees of the steps they must follow to take advantage of their perks and benefits.



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