hiring process

In this day and age,hiring processis complicated. While it used to be commonplace to simply slack together a job description on a local newspaper, finding a high-quality candidate this way is now similar to spotting bigfoot in the wild. Today, you need to be careful with how you find your new hires. Namely, this all comes down to the beginning of the recruiting process.

Your company knows to use job boards, industry boards, and top recruiters to find the best talent. But is that really enough? Can you publish your positions to job posting boards, sit back, and just wait for those applications to roll in? Well, you can, but it probably won’t be very effective.

Sure, you might land a few decent applicants this way, but you’re wasting both time and money that could be spent doing targeted recruiting. Sometimes you need to source and hire the best candidates already looking for the best job. These types of candidates won’t respond to one-size-fits-all online job boards.

它可能听起来很令人震惊,但我们迅速接近一个$ 8.5万亿人才短缺。如果你想找到最好的候选人,现在是时候开始行动了。这就是为什么你需要下面这5步。在本指南中,我们将通过规划您的招聘流程的开始,使您每次实现目标。

Step 1. Know Your Hiring Needs






当然,你仍然可以approach local newspapers, online job boards, and so on. There is some merit to these recruiting platforms, but also be realistic. Realize that these mass boards are shown to thousands of people locally (and beyond), so you might cast a wider net than you need. To cut down on the ill-fitting candidates, using an applicant tracking system can help you accomplish more in less time. You can learn more about how they work onApplicantTrackingSystems

Step 3. Prepare Assessments or Testing

It’s not uncommon, depending on the industry, to include a job assessment or test during the hiring process. If this is something that you’ll be doing for your position, it’s worth preparing these things before you begin recruiting candidates.

Talent assessment tests are a great way to ensure a candidate’s background matches the company’s requirements, but be sure to know your stuff before starting one of these. If possible, enlist some help from professionals in this role to help identify stand-out work.



Too many recruiters make the mistake of thinking this is a numbers game. In this process, it pays to be a hunter not a gatherer. The goal isn’t to find as many candidates as possible. It’s to find theabsolute best候选人。


Step 5. Identify Your Best Candidates




Perfect Your Recruiting Process

The job recruitment process moves fast. It needs to when you take into consideration that87% of active and passive candidates对新的就业机会开放。招聘过程中有一系列步骤,但这些是之前的步骤。

If you don’t start your search for the top candidates with the right preparation, you run the risk of losing the opportunity, falling flat, or wasting time. If your like most candidates, open positions cost you. You can’t risk a failed hire or wrong-fit position. Your top candidates are out there already. Now it’s up to you to go find them.