Can Corporate Diversity Change the World?



They launched numerous programs to create safe spaces within their campuses for their current employees, they launched the Diversity Core program which teaches diversity and inclusion to their staff and helps make them an active participant in bringing more diverse talent into the workplace. There are separate groups for any number of subcultures within Google, and they’re working fastidiously to ensure that what happens outside the office can create understanding, compassion, and power within their workforce. It is a model of diversity and inclusion that is awe-inspiring, and something for which we should all strive.

I asked the question of whether diversity programs like this can change the world. As borders start to close and companies are taking a strong stance on nationalism as well as inclusion, we seem wholly divided on how we handle the vast differences of opinion. One faction would like to only be surrounded by like kind, some don’t see it as a problem at all, and still others see it as an incredible disservice to both the people in the communities and to the workforce to simply not care that the world out there is different than the world within our walls.

I’d like to err on the side of change. I believe strongly that the world is getting larger and more diverse by the day, and that our businesses must reflect our communities to foster a brighter future for both our current employees and the world in which we operate. We cannot say it doesn’t matter. It does. Consumers want to feel connected. Employees no longer feel connected to businesses that do not value them as an individual.


Diversity is the answer.它为我们的业务而变化了世界,不可避免地,全球全球大。在我们中的一个人中存在机会和理解,门打开了更多。这就是多样性如何改变世界,这是许多数十年的旅程。但它从一步开始。我期待着帮助对他们未来感到热情的公司采取正确的公司。

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