How to Ask for a Raise Professionally

Under the optimal circumstances, the workplace can be a place that is equal parts hard work and diversion. Rapport among coworkers and superiors definitely helps to make the everyday grind of making the paper more tolerable, but even with such fellowship and mutual respect, there is still the odd situation where a finer level of tact and grace is required. These instances tend to come out of the blue, usually in the middle of the workday.

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Fortunately, there are很多步骤that one can take in order to pose the question with tact, as explained in the list below.

1. Be Prepared for the Absolute Worst

Fortunately, in this situation, the worst the manager in question can do is say no. That is, assuming that one is in good standing with the manager prior to posing the question. Regardless of the relationship between self and manager, it is important to be ready to hear the resounding “no”.


While it may be tempting to rattle off all the positive contributions that one has made towards a company’s success (and perhaps a few negative contributions from the manager), it is ultimately a foolish move. While touching on the past briefly may be in order, it should by no means take up the majority of the meeting.

The future will always be bright until it becomes the present, and that in itself is a toss-up. Managers tend to appreciate employees that can想到未来.

3. Research the Ammo Powering the Proposal


The more organized, the better. Documents and files must be compiled in a timely and efficient manner, as well as be able to be unpacked with little hassle.

4. Share Ideas


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Whether you areworking with shipping systems在贵公司或您是您的销售人员,始终寻找改进公司的方法,并在您的会议中提出这些想法和实施。


In a way, this is like a reenactment of a high school debate project. While the stakes here aren’t as high as an F on the project, diligence and fastidious composition will be in order. It doesn’t have to go as far as cue cards and notes, but merely as far as it takes to memorize a loose spiel.



When engaging this this verbal joust, this foray into the fencing match of the corporate world, it is important to distinguish between what one has done to earn this raise and why this raise is necessary. One resonates far more strongly with managers, and conversation must be carefully steered in that direction.

7. Stay Positive

没有更大的buzzkill emplo的眼睛yer than someone with a request that acts like it has already been shot down.Confidence is keywhen asking for any sort of increase in financial compensation.

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