HR’s Future is Big Data

我最热衷的一件事是long-time HR professional is the progression of our practice. We suffer from quite a bit of bad press and misperception as an overall group, that we’re the people in the company who couldn’t cut it in other lines of business and that we’re dragging our companies behind.


HR is rife with data. We’re quite filled with it. But as I wrote in my book,Unleashing Capacity: The Hidden Human Resources (Pinot, 2016),the issue is that we’re limited to looking at just the information we produce and incapable of synthesizing large amounts of complimentary information from other internal and external sources in a sophisticated manner so we can start to predict problems before they happen and create corporate agility in the marketplace.

我们必须变得更加舒适gathering more data points(our company’s 10k, market data and surveys, customer satisfaction information, social media marketing data, white papers, industry analyses, etc.) and crunching down to get past reporting how things are to deliver how things are going to be to our clients. It might sound crazy, but big data is big business, and right now we need a big win.

如果您没有大数据和数据分析的出现,那么您只能向人力资源管理社会寻求其影响。最近对本集团的近400名专业人员进行了采访报告,未来的工作:数据分析技能。一种recent articleon the SHRM site states the results:


We knew that, right? Here’s the real problem, as outlined by the same article.


That, friends, is a huge issue. Because not only are we swiftly shifting into this direction, but you must recruit for this skill set为您自己的团队技术中断不仅仅是塑造我们的公司;它是塑造人力资源

一种s someone who has created a decision-making framework that not only synthesizes this kind of big data in the manner I’ve described but helps HR managers make sense of what’s found, I can tell you that the progression to a more data-centered, business-minded HR practice isn’t as ominous as you think.


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