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The past year completely flipped the world upside down. From forecasting specialists to well-known psychics, no one could have accurately predicted the devastation brought forth by the Coronavirus. Almost overnight, most people had to switch from a professional work environment to a remote work setting.

As humans, it’s our natural instinct to resist change. And these unprecedented times have been full of unexpected and rapid changes. Wearing masks, working from home, social distancing, and several other restrictions have changed the meaning of normal.




1. Avoid Layoffs


Instead of rushing to firing employees, it’s worth considering alternatives. If work in a certain department has considerably decreased, you should think about transferring employees to an understaffed department or give them the opportunity to wear more than one hat. Employers can also think about reducing hours and compensation. It’s important to clearly and timely communicate such changes to employees.

2. Host Happy Hours





Start a monthly newsletter, where employees can share their personal victories, no matter how small. Whether an employee got to see their parents after months or adopted a pet, these nuggets of joy will make a difference.




除了灵活性外,管理还应为员工提供必要的技术和其他资源,以便它们可以无缝过渡到遥控设置。您也可以建议员工获得standing desk attachments,这可能有助于在工作之间休息。

5. Share Daily Updates


You can dispatch information on a monthly or bi-monthly basis about how the organization is planning to handle the pandemic. In addition to keeping employees informed and calm, this is also necessary to discourage toxic gossip and rumors.

6. Provide Health & Wellness Resources

It’s difficult to concentrate with a full-fledged pandemic going on. But HR managers can ease some of this anxiety by providing employees with necessary health and wellness resources. If an employee has tested positive, they should be offered proper time off to recover.

It is also advisable to share resources to help employees maintain an optimistic outlook.

The Bottom Line


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