virtual onboarding

The employee onboarding process is one of the most responsible parts of creating a professional team. Even excellent specialists may suffer from the lack of open communication, unset expectations, or unclear responsibilities, which inevitably can result in decreased productivity.


Secondly, make sure to prepare all the necessary information and tools that your new employee will need to work efficiently. Your remote employees will need:

  • shipping technical devices with pre-installed software (if the position requires specialized technology),
  • preparing a技术文件的专业翻译如果您在多元文化环境中运营,
  • 创建员工手册或全面的SOP - 从解释您的公司文化,以在使用单独的程序和执行特定任务的情况下提出就业职责和详细的手册,
  • 为如何使用所有设备的培训和研讨会分配时间。

常规沟通至关重要,特别是在虚拟船上,因此考虑可靠的通信渠道exchanging feedback准备船上计划时。

Warm Welcome

Hiring远程员工does not mean they should be treated differently from your in-house ones. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that they feel no less than legitimate team members. Moreover, starting a new job is always stressful (yet exciting), and it is your opportunity to help new hires adapt as seamlessly as possible.

Prolong the Onboarding Process

It is crucial to allocate enough time for new hires to adapt, get familiar with software and company culture for effective onboarding. Sometimes (always) paying attention to new employees only on their first day is not enough, so ensure you support them minimum during the whole first week.
没人喜欢micromanagementbut, in the very beginning, over-communication is much better than the lack of it. During the first week of a virtual onboarding, schedule daily check-ins via one-on-one video meetings, emails, or chat to discuss and adjust (if needed) their performance and clarify any concerns.


Integrating into a new environment, a new team may be quite overwhelming, so it would be beneficial to get your new employees someone who will show them around, even if it is just figuratively. Assign your new hires a work buddy – a person whose primary responsibility is to help them deal with any possible obstacles during the onboarding process.
Work buddy should become the first person your new hires will reach out to when they have any questions, inconveniences, or need advice. Sufficient mentoring and subtle guidance will allow them to go through training materials at their own pace,用他们的工作量灵活,并避免与招聘经理交易过度压力。

Collect Feedback

Provide new hires with the most convenient ways to share their thoughts. As not many people like to express their opinions directly, make sure there is ananonymous online surveyor Google form to comfortably talk about their onboarding experience.


Your main goal is to make new team members feel like they are in a supportive environment. To achieve this, bring more human relations into this internet-based process. Providing new hires with as much information as possible, being transparent and attentive, but also giving them time to adjust and the opportunity to express their opinions is crucial.

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