Customized Leadership Development, Performance Management Mistakes, Attracting the Right Talent And Choosing An HR Vendor #FridayFinds

This week we’ve come across some really enlightening articles, on key HR topics that we want to share with you. Touching on distinct areas of HR, these content pieces bring a new perspective and actionable advice on how to surpass common challenges and improve your HR efficiency.

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How to Really Customize Leadership Development

对于许多高管,这是在推出领导力发展倡议时的一个重要问题。在他最近的哈佛商业评论的文章中,Gianpiero Petriglieri潜入“如何”的问题 - 虽然定制很重要,但更重要的是如何个性化它来提供所需的结果。

Read on to learn how you can design leadership development initiatives to fit your company’s culture and strategy, while also personalizing it for each individual, based on his or her own history, concerns, and aspirations.

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4 Mistakes You’re Making In Your Performance Management Process

A great article on how you should re-think your performance management process, by looking at the effectiveness of its implementation and how it supports your employees’ development.

Chris Arringdale, the author of the article, makes a great point on the frequency of this process which for most companies is reduced to once a year, taking into account that 85 percent of Millennials最近调查了said they would feel more confident in their current role if they were able to have more frequent performance conversations with their manager.

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This article by Brandon Rigoni and Bailey Nelson focuses on the most effective elements of an employer brand, the ones that attract the right talent, subsequently ensuring better talent retention and engagement.

最近findings by Gallup show that a strong employee value proposition is key to attracting the right talent and setting the company apart from its competitors. Looking at your top performers is another indicator of what makes you a desirable employer.

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8 Things to Consider Before Picking an HR Tech Vendor


Take a look at these essential points you need to go through to find the right HR software solution for your business.

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