How to select the Employee of the Month

Not too long ago we weighed the拥有月份计划的员工的优缺点and got some great feedback from our audience.

Within that feedback we were asked to go into more detail on how you can design your own Employee of the Month Program. Here it is:

Your step-by-step guide to selecting the Employee of the Month

1.Set up your main HR objective



If the program is not correlated with your business objectives, it will be a costly initiative that will not bring any visible results. You’ll feel like you wasted your time and money on some useless polls and giveaways. You candownload our free white paper on creating an engaging employee experience using people analyticsto get some pointers in that direction.

If you’re planning on implementing an Employee of the Month Program, you’ll also need someone in charge, someone to coordinate the program, gather votes, compile and present the information.

2.Create the voting system

Answer these main questions:

  • Who can vote?
  • How many votes does one person have?
  • How often will people vote?
  • *What’s the voting criteria?

我把最进口ant element of the voting system last because it requires a bit more information. First of all, depending on your company culture and values, you need to decide who gets to weigh in on these criteria. If your work environment is a collaborative one, I suggest inviting everyone to debate and decide the final voting criteria.

You could propose your company values as the main voting criteria and see if there are any other relevant behaviors you’d like to encourage, going back to your HR objective. Remember, your main goal is to support that objective, that’s why you want these criteria to reflect your main drivers for that particular objective.

In our example, if you’re looking to boost employee retention, your criteria could include: work involvement, being a reliable team member, demonstrating the company values, supporting innovation etc. If your objective is performance your criteria will target sales numbers, revenues and proactivity.

3.Set the rewards

The final part of the system is the reward mechanism. An Employee of the Month Program can act as a great engagement driver for your team, bringing into focus people’s achievements, their growth and encouraging a sense of community through peer recognition.

You can offer financial rewards or non-financial rewards, or even both, for those chosen Employee of the Month. The best rewards are the ones that are best for your team. So ask them!



You’ve set up your system. Now you need to make sure it’s building up to your HR objective and keeping employees engaged.

Getemployee feedback关于系统如何运作,可能的改进及其影响。通过跟踪和测量结果来评估其投资回报率随着时间的推移,并重新审视您每隔几个月的目标。


Start off by deciding if this is a program that might work in your company. If you think it fits your needs, follow the steps above and create an Employee of the Month Program to support your HR objectives.

Feel free to get creative and involve your team in designing this program. Let us know how it went! We’d love to find out your Employee of the Month story!

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Download the white paper and see how you can create an integrated, engaging employee experience using people analytics!

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