该tech hiring field is highly competitive – both for candidates and recruiters.虽然初级职位的候选人正在努力获得认可并在行业中发出标志,但招聘人员对合格人才竞争激烈。事实上,研究表明86% of employers正在努力寻找和雇用技术人才。As a result, their current employees can suffer more pressure, their product development is obstructed, and they can even lose revenue.技术产业中的招聘可以是一个复杂的过程,但这里是最好的技术招聘策略,可以帮助你吸引最好的人才。

Be transparent about the position

To attract premium talent, you have to be as straightforward about the position as possible. Senior developers won’t be interested in investing their time to apply for a position whose description lacks vital information.

Work on your culture

Money may be a great incentive, but some candidates might find that their work environment and colleagues are the most important factors when it comes to choosing their next employer. If you offer the same (or similar) compensation to a candidate as one of your competitors, chances are he/she will make their decision based on your values and culture.
这不仅仅是提供极大的好处。哈ving a brand new PlayStation and snacks in the “chill out” zone is becoming pretty much an industry standard. You need to offer something new and show that it’s ingrained deep in your company culture.
Education and training are things the tech community deeply cares about, as well as theydefine product enablementprocess in every tech company, so think in that direction. And, once you start working on this, you’ll notice that your retention rates might go up as well!

Communicate the tech stack early

This is just good practice, but so many companies miss out on this part and their ads end up getting ignored by valuable candidates. This goes with something we mentioned earlier – senior developers won’t waste time applying to an incomplete ad. They might even discard your company as frivolous and unworthy of their attention.
Consult your engineers and be as direct as possible about the tech stack the team is working with. Make sure you communicate it to the candidates as soon as possible: in the ad copy or initial email.

Make the testing process simple and effective

Coding tests are often a subject of debate in the tech industry, with infamous whiteboard tests garnering a lot of attention. Assessing someone’s coding skills accurately is never that easy, so multiple ways of doing this have been invented over the years.
However, giving your candidate a goodcoding testis very much expected in today’s industry, as it’s one of the best ways to check their problem-solving skills. To make sure your tests are optimized to do what they’re set up to do, here are some tips:

  • Send the test at the beginning of the week so the candidate has enough time;
  • 确保测试与您的候选人将在工作中进行的工作相关;
  • 该test should always be objective and standardized, with no room for interpretation;
  • 您应该努力使测试在1到10中的分数渐变,而不是“失败通行证”的基础


大多数技术雇主都有他们的主要候选人池 - 它通常包括竞争对手公司或与类似技术合作的公司。
For example,微软对残疾人有一个特别的计划。虽然这肯定激励并为社区做好良好,但它还使公司能够找到来自特定人口的最有才华的人。


Finally, we get to a tactic that many tech companies use to source the best talent – referrals.
For your referral strategy to work, you should make sure the process is set up in such a way to make it as easy as possible for your employees to recommend someone. More than that, you should find a way to keep your people in the loop about the latest open positions at any given time.

Final word

Recruitment in tech is different from recruitment in other industries, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossibly hard.All you need to do iseducate your employees并设置稍微更智能的流程,使得经验更方便您的候选人,但对您来说更有效。之后,它只是一个工作的公司形象,吸引最好的人为角色。
Try some of these best tech recruitment tactics and let us know if you get better results in your hiring endeavors!

Image source: unsplash.com