遥控工作意味着员工融洽关系和团队士气已经大幅下降。根据最近的调查carried out on 2,000 UK adult workers, a third of employees have stated that lockdown has brought them closer to burnout. With 51% of respondents saying they are working, an extra 59 hours outside of their normal working hours, and 27% claiming that the lack of social interaction with co-workers was making the time even more difficult. It’s now more important than ever to do what you can to keep your team’s morale high.

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of ways to keep staff morale high during the pandemic. This list includes unique events (outside of the now dreaded Zoom quiz), random acts of kindness and indispensable managerial qualities.

1. Encourage REAL flexible working


Flexible work doesn’t literally mean the hours your team works as well. For instance, staff need to be reminded that when in the office, they wouldn’t be glued to their desks for 8 hours straight. It’s perfectly acceptable to take a long lunch, or partake in some form of exercise during the working day.

2. Organise virtual events that your team will actually like!

在大流行的开始时,Zoom测验是Go-Work-Foun-Home绑定活动。现在,只有这个想法可以灌输你团队中的恐惧感。相反,为什么不为他们提供他们实际享受的活动 - 他们可以在哪里坐下来放松!

例如,私人音乐演唱会的Sofar Sounds提供独特的private virtual concerts工作人员可以享受来自UP和即将到来的艺术家的现场音乐和建立的行为。这种活动非常适合任何经验丰富的偏远工人,因为他们不需要与屏幕发生的事情进行啮合。但是,如果您确实拥有了更多的团队成员,他们可以与艺术家聊天,提出问题和交换故事。


Organising a friendly competition within your company can be a great way to boost morale, and encourage your team to do things that are good for their well-being. Competitions can include a photo contest of the prettiest walks they’ve been on, 30/50/100 day exercise challenge or something as simple as how many books they can read in a month. It goes without saying that all the competitive members of your company will take part, but the real dilemma is how to get the entire business taking part?




普拉提、瑜伽和sessi虚拟个人训练ons, are all great ways to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of your employees. These types of classes don’t just have to be physically active too! Several companies are providing stress and mindfulness classes. Lara Higginson, founder of Lara Wellness has seen a noticeable uptake in the demand for corporate fitness and yoga classes. She adds “It’s a great way for employees to do something together again which isn’t solely work related and this boosts team morale and brings back that community feeling which is so important for companies to thrive”.

5. Address those virtual meeting anxieties

While Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, (the list goes on) have all been great tools for speaking to one another during the pandemic, it’s also the source of a lot of anxiety. Some of the top triggers of so-called ‘Zoom anxiety’ include:

  • 具有技术/音频问题,不知道如何修复它们。
  • Being talked over.
  • 担心你如何看待电话。
  • 无法阅读来电者的肢体语言。
  • 担心一个不专业的背景。
  • Feeling like you’re being unheard.
  • 必须使用演示文稿和文档管理呼叫屏幕。

As a manager, it’s essential to address these common anxieties. Companies such as Facebook have allocated one day a week where no client calls are allowed (no meeting Wednesdays in Zuckerberg and Co’s case). Therefore, your staff should have more time to focus on other work and it can allow them to take a much needed break from virtual meetings.



A few ways to make them feel valued include:

  • Giving a gift – no matter if they tell you otherwise, people like being rewarded with gifts. A small token such as a bottle of wine, flowers or chocolate will certainly put a smile on their face.
  • Make sure they’re heard – presenting an idea to the team can be daunting for some, so ensure they’re opinions are always heard, acknowledged and appreciated.
  • 给予平衡的反馈 - 员工想知道他们什么时候做得好,他们可以改善什么。定期提供平衡的反馈将帮助他们感到有价值,并赞赏他们所做的事情。


Antonio Wedral, founder of eCommerce SEO agency, NOVOS, gave us his thoughts on the importance of keeping the team as together as possible and the lessons he learned during the pandemic.

“作为一支球队在一起的重要性在去年的我真的在我身上迎来了家。We’ve tried many things such as quizzes, virtual events + more – and they are great & something to look forward to, but if there’s one thing I could’ve been better prepared for at the start, it would be how important the little, basic interactions are on your own mental health, but also on the morale of the team. We can try Zoom calls + more, but the in-person interactions is what I’m excited for again, and will never take for granted!”


Photo byAnna ShvetsfromPexels