The HR team and HR manager seem to have mixed levels of authority from one company to the next. In some companies they are the black hand, the iron fist, and the final resting place of meek and low profile employees. HR has become synonymous with notions of people getting fired for fat-shaming a dog and committee meetings on how one should address the metro-sexual woman in the room. Yet, the HR team, and especially the HR manager, are able to affect real changes, usually by proxy, in a way that can genuinely and sustainably improve employee morale.

Keeping People Trained

当您承诺具有新的或更新技能的培训员工时,您将向员工发送清晰的信息。您说员工受到重视,贵公司为该员工提供了长期计划。许多员工会认为,“太好了,另一件to put on my CV when I leave,” but this is only a surface notion. Even if the training course is just a skills update, people feel like they have achieved something when they are put onto paid training courses. That feeling of achievement has a lasting effect on somebody’s morale and self esteem. More can be gained from something likepaid financial coursesthan 100 promises of prizes, perks, and extra holidays.



  • Do not punish over performers – If somebody gets their work done before others in the team, do not automatically pile on more work.
  • 明白大多数人都在那里赚钱 - 这就是为什么你的动机通讯和你的团队建设不影响生产力。188宝金博网站
  • 人们对痛苦的宽容很高 - 换句话说,贫困的质量管理人员可以通过让人们悲惨和吓到善良的员工来工作多年。
  • 停止社交媒体批评公司 - “真实”的原因这是如此损害,这使得其特征在于先例,并使公司讨论了常态。


丹尼斯·普拉格尔说,当他说,“Happiness is a Serious Problem。“这不是你的工作,或经理的工作,让你的员工快乐。然而,幸福的工人休假时间减少,他们偷走了少,他们背叛了较少的人,他们不会积极反对球队或公司。

  • 手机工作人员可能会扰乱,呼叫转移到行动需要3-5秒。它听起来不像是一个大问题,但是当它每天16次发生时,每周80次,那么它就会变成光栅。
  • 那天班次让他们清除空盒子,夜班令他们沮丧。解决这个问题,不仅您的夜晚团队会幸福,而且他们也将对他们对公司的担忧感到满意。
  • 高级经理推动基于时间的目标,即使系统每周至少延迟3次。处理经理,改变政策,并在支票中保持管理者可以真正帮助提高公司士气。
  • 留住员工?

    If the company you work for has a high staff turnover, then you already know the reason. The jobs you offer may be repetitive, or the corporate office will not increase wages, or whatever the reason.
    If you are not addressing the problem, it is probably because you cannot. In which case, the best you can offer is to make the job as trouble-free for your employees. Exploit whatever power you have, but at the end of the day, the responsibility of保留工作人员并保持其富有成效is assigned to people with a far higher pay grade than yourself.