What Employee Engagement Taught Us In 2013

Enough with the theory, let’s take a look at the actual results in employee engagement strategies in 2013. Here are some of the most relevant approaches to employee engagement.


Commercial Groupis a business services specialist that successfully managed to engage more than 97% of its employees. How? In a very sustainable way. The company cut its impact on the environment, started giving back to the community and encouraged a healthy lifestyle amongst its employees.

其备受赞美的Green Angelsprogramme led to a growth of 50% in business objective since 2006 and a much bigger engagement rate. Read morehere.


GE开发了一系列Sustainability Programsthat empower employees to live better lives and to give back. Their“HealthAhead”program offersGE员工及其家庭一系列的工具和资源,以实现健康和受过良好的生活方式。

AnotherGEprogram is“Ecomagination”, giving employees a chance to come up with sustainable solutions for challenges faced at work. Like theCommercial Group,GEpromotes sustainability and energy saving. However, they found a more fun and competitive approach to the matter, by using gaming techniques and treasure hunts to promote sustainability among employees. Read morehere.

Tristan White startedThe Physio Coin 2004. The journey from a one man company to a 60 employees company was full of learning points.The Physio Cois now ranked the 5th best place to work in Australia. In building his longterm strategy, Tristan adopted the concept of the ‘Painted Picture’. But he didn’t just plan for what was going to happen, he planned for why it was going to be. Giving meaning to work and to his company, he involved his employees to be part of making that strategy happen, engaging them towards success. Read morehere.

Team building

Midlands Co-operative Societybrought together people, no matter their position, in a successful employee engagement campaign. This two-phase initiative started by driving performance with an extra mille effort and initiative from the management body.

The second step was to disperse employees into theSociety’sfood, fashion and home and floristry stores, making them bond and feel part of a family.‘Mission Firefly’helped improved business performance through a well-thought employee engagement strategy. Read morehere.

Seeking solutions and innovation

小松Seisakushois a Japanese multinational corporation that manufactures construction, mining, and military equipment, as well as industrial equipment. In a period of crisis and economic turmoil,Komatsu’sHR Director decided to take a gamble and invest in a new way of doing things.

By partnering up withSix Seconds,他们利用迭代过程进行组织转型,导致总体参与指数的增加,从33%到70%。阅读更多here.

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