Using Technology to Improve Engagement and Boost Productivity

去年,跨国专业服务公司Deloitte conducted a surveythat revealed that developing workplace culture and increasing employee engagement are the top priorities for Human Resource leaders. However, in spite of this employee engagement still continues to be a big problem.

Recently, aGallup study发现只有约30%的员工说they are completely engaged in their workplace. What is more, half of the employees do not feel engaged and the rest (around 20%) stated that they are actively disengaged. However, not all is lost. With recent technology advancements, organizations are finding new ways to improve engagement and create a productive atmosphere at the office.

What Exactly Is Employee Engagement?

First, we have to get a few things clear. For starters, employee engagement is not all about a high salary, company car and high-class benefits. Engagement is a measure of how emotionally invested your workforce is in the company; an engaged worker does not only want another paycheck– he or she sincerely wants your company to succeed.

As NY Times bestselling authorKevin Kruse解释道




It is a well-known fact that the number one reason why so many people in the US abandon their jobs is the lack of appreciation. The problem is that less than 15% of organizations provide HR managers with the necessary tools for employee recognition, according to a阿伯丁集团研究。So, in order to recognize their top employees, HR departments need to start implementing recognition software, like Globoforce for example, in order to build a strong culture through the power of acknowledgment. This type of software will help you reinforce positive practices, acknowledge anniversaries, and even encourage healthy lifestyles.

On the other hand, performance appraisal software like Engagedly collects peer praise, idea generation, and manager feedback in a cloud-based platform that delivers continuous feedback for your workers. Most employees are often disappointed in performance reviews due to a lack of feedback and/or goal setting. What is more, if you want to simplify the process of tracking attendance and time you no longer need any expensive, stand-alone hardware. Instead, you can acquire modern an在线时间出勤软件那which allows you to supervise when your staff clocks in and out, by setting up specific clock locations.

Fighting Disengagement withGamification

It is no surprise how gamification became so popular in recent years. This technology improves engagement by allowing your staff to have fun on their job, relief stress, and even expand their personal social networks while they work. The worldwide market is expected to grow to到年底,28亿美元而旨在企业的娱乐工具慢慢但肯定会使那些针对普通消费者的人。

While most managers regard gamification as a mere gimmick, numerous studies have proven that various gamification techniques affect engagement in a positive way and even boost performance. The technology can also be useful when it comes to employee training, especially with millennials, because these apps encourage young people to pick up new skills and meet deadlines. According to the findings of aTalentlms调查,近80%的学生和企业学习者认为,如果他们的工作环境感觉更像是一场比赛,他们将更加富有成效。

Constant Feedback

长期成功源于领导力文化和持续的领导力发展。因此,当您鼓励您参与新技术和方案时,真正的领导力至关重要。如果您想衡量员工的进度,则调查是另一个有效的测量工具,因为它们会给您的每一个员工都是声音,并展示他们的意见真正重要。但不要指望一夜之间成功 - 没有魔法应用程序,保证订婚,所以如果您想要完全参与的员工和生产性工作环境,可以为沿途准备碰撞。

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