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2. a strengthened underground position in which missile systems are sited for protection against attack



In marketing we call these groups of people “clusters”. These people have specific traits, common among them, that allow marketers to group them together naturally. These traits are not just any traits. They are so strong that it tends to naturally allow a separation from those who don’t exhibit those traits (either naturally or through influential experiences). And now back to silos… When we speak about shared values, the approach is awesome because everyone buys in and everyone is moving towards the same goal.

However, within organizations, silos are those long cylindrical shaped containers… those impenetrable “underground positions”, so tall that no one outside is invited in, nor allowed to look inside.



This enthusiasm resulted in endless hours of ideation, testing and discovery. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my lifetime. We all clicked, we came together to share what we discovered. When it was time, brought in the product groups to understand the processes they built in to run their existing programs.





Despite the Executive approval, other divisions were given priority. We were left in the “queue” until there was significant reason to push this initiative closer to the front of the line. Suddenly, the very organization –family (in loose terms) – failed us. It widened the rift that already existed between our divisions This文章synthesized this experience:

When employees interact poorly with people outside of their “silo,” it becomes difficult to do the work of the business. A tight-knit department that works well together can be a plus for a business. However, organizational silos can be like fortresses within a company and eventually cause serious problems that might not be noticed until the damage is done.


“The bigger they are the harder they fall”.




It made us happy. But in the process, it also made us more distrusting of the central bank. As a division we became more insular and automatically distrustful and suspicious of outsiders.



For banks, it does seem like a daunting and almost impossible task to allow those overall goals to filter down to the very edges of the organization so everyone buys into them and embraces them.


While, I wasn’t able to move mountains when I was there, I was able to introduce ideas that made people think differently. I was able to convince people over time that this would increase opportunities, and provide efficiencies over time.


我希望这些silos will break down. My fear is that it will be the direct result of forced downsizing, and structural changes. Only then will companies be in a position to think differently.


Hessie Jones isCEO atArCompany以及经过经验丰富的数字战略家,为顶级广告代理商提供管理职位,包括Ogilvy,Rapp Collins,One和Isobar Digital。她还拥有广泛的初创经验,同时推出成功,如雅虎!答案。Hessie是进化的共同作者:营销(正如我们所知)注定要注定!她也是Huffington Post和Steamfeed的积极作家。

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