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An unmotivated employee not only fails to perform his own duties, but also affects the people around him and, in the long run, cause possibly irreversible damage. In this case, one bad apple can truly spoil the bunch.



人们常常由目标和更像ly to achieve something if they have laid it out ahead of time. Providing an employee with specific tasks and deadlines will give him a sense of urgency. Furthermore, it can give him a feeling of ownership and entitlement over those tasks and make him want to complete them.

Provide Opportunities to Shine


沿着同一条线,给予员工允许他批判性和创造性地思考的挑战可以使工作变得不那么无聊。就像在学校一样,那些给予的人的分配太容易感觉不太倾向于让他们完成或完全吹掉它们。它是人性的挑战那causing a person to push himself to new heights.

In the same vein, schools that激励学生通过确定高期望并专注于关系具有高成功率和降低辍学率。



Listen to most anything he has to say and make him feel as though he is a part of something, and not just a cog in the machine. Trust plays an important role, and making sure an employee knows that can light a fire underneath him.

Team collaboration can promote communication as well and more driven individuals can motivate an employee who is apathetic. The are numeroustools to help teams collaborateeasily and efficiently.




Curbing the problem before it becomes a larger issue is key. The success of a company depends largely on employee happiness and a积极的公司文化;那些失去驱动器的人可能导致两者都缩短。

Author Bio:C. Joseph Richards is a part time student and works full time at an internet marketing firm in Boise, Idaho. In his free time, he enjoys researching business, school, and career related subjects and is trying to share his knowledge, one blog post at a time.

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