In today’s highly competitive environment, innovation has become the key to a company’s survival. It provides an edge in a world where evolving markets and exploding startups make turning a profit much more difficult to achieve. But how do we turn innovation from a buzzword into a reality?

从我的经验,实现创新的最有效方式是通过协作。开幕前BCNewt’s coworking space在巴塞罗那,我从家里工作。这是一个扼杀环境,因为我没有任何人转向第二种意见或建议,并且很少有资源可以扩大我的知识库。这种经历让我意识到人类互动是如何创新的。

合作has the power to spark innovation in the workplace because everyone brings a unique set of knowledge and skills to the table. Working together and embracing these differences gives birth to new ideas through the blending of unique viewpoints. Although many businesses recognize the importance of collaboration, there are often unaddressed obstacles that discourage it in the workplace.

One of the obstacles to collaboration is space design. Traditional office layouts with cubicles and dividers isolate employees from one another and discourage communication. This makes it more difficult for employees to collaborate and share ideas as they work. At BCNewt, we implemented open floor plans, allowing conversation and ideas to flow freely throughout the office without interruption. This layout encourages coworkers to seek out each other’s opinions and ideas rather than making it more difficult to do so.

We also created common areas where our coworkers could go to socialize, including a large kitchen and lounge area. It’s important to leave enough space for these places instead of simply providing a tiny coffee table in the kitchen or a lounge made to impress clients rather than encourage social interaction. These spaces are invaluable in the workplace because they present employees and coworkers with the opportunity to get to know each other better and build mutually beneficial connections.

Another obstacle to collaboration in the workplace is poor management style. Some coworking space managers have a real estate mindset, focusing solely on renting square meters and keeping the space filled. This limited mindset is outdated and detrimental to coworkers because it doesn’t take the development of a workplace culture into consideration.

The same rings true in other industries. There is more to collaboration than putting people in the same room and leaving them to their own devices, hoping for the best. In order to spark collaboration, managers must focus on creating a culture that encourages open discussion and providing opportunities to foster this type of interaction.

There are various methods managers can use to create a more collaborative work culture. At BCNewt, I focus on creating connections. For example, when coworkers start at BCNewt, I find time to meet with them individually to discuss their needs and potential. This allows me connect the dots between members and put them in touch with other coworkers who would be beneficial resources.

I also started a partnership program with local and international universities, providing business projects at BCNewt with access to young talent for hire. Making these connections is the first step in encouraging collaboration. Managers can play a key role in fostering mutually beneficial relationships due to the breadth of their network in a company.

Another way managers can create a more collaborative work culture is through fostering coworker engagement. According to theGallup survey of the State of the Global Workplace, there is a positive relationship between engagement and performance. Engaged workers feel more connected to their company, leading to a 21 percent increase in productivity, heightened passion for their job and a more positive attitude during coworker interactions.

参与emplo的关键yees, as well ascoworkingentrepreneurs, freelancers, or digital nomads, is examining the way they view their jobs. Gallup reports the majority of employees view work as a calling and therefore desire a greater sense of meaning and personal development in order to feel truly engaged and satisfied.

在BCNEWT,我为个人增长创造了一个优先促进工作空间的参与的机会。例如,我们提供free mentoring with a reputable coach对于寻求扩大他们的商机的同事。我们还在我们的Coworking空间中举办个人发展事件。我们为我们的同事提供免费的每月讲习班,专注于管理,教练,融资和营销等主题。此外,这些事件允许同事与办公室的其他人与其他人建立友谊,鼓励他们在办公室互动,并增加他们将来共同努力的可能性。这也可以引发项目理念,因为人们了解他们需要技能的其他人。这些方法证明非常成功,我们的同事占我们的前三个月内的同事在办公室的前三个月内与彼此合作。


通过承担这项任务来促进工作场所的合作,Coworking管理人员可以创造更有效和创新的工作场所,这将有助于其同事的成功。我们看到许多成功的故事通过使用这些方法在巴塞罗那的同伴领域出来。合作公司Compacto.,这在西班牙电影业赢得了几项奖项,着名的形式Typeform, a top fundraiser in Barcelona’s startups landscape, andMedistream,医疗大会在办公空间工作后经历了成功。


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