促进部门士园 - 成为一个有效的人力资源经理

士气非常重要。如果人们对他们的工作场所感到满意,他们喜欢早上工作,有病假少,更富有成效,倾向于围绕更长时间 - 降低必须培训工人的成本。

Of course, we all know that. We’re all aware that if people are happier they’re going to do better. That realization is not what we struggle with. What we struggle with is how to actually使people happier and to boost morale.


Allow time for socializing

One of the strangest things about the modern workplace is that socializing between employees is often frowned upon. Some managers are under the illusion that it’s actually possible for the majority of people to work uninterrupted for 8 or more hours a day, five or more days a week.

Of course, we all know that’s not true. Almost all of us need (and search for) little moments away from our work so that we can recharge our batteries and give ourselves a little bit of mental space.

Socializing is actually one of the best ways for many people to recharge. It creates positive feelings, generates interest and promotes well-being. The thing is, because people don’t feel they should socialize, they end up looking for other ways to recharge their batteries that are less helpful for morale and less useful.





Give space to those who need it



If that’s not to your liking or not possible, then shell out for some noise-cancelling headphones and give everybody in the office a pair. In that way, even if they are in an open floorplan they can still create their own pocket where they can get on with things.




One on ones


For these people, it is important that there is a regular meeting set up so that they can share what they’re thinking and you can find out what’s going on in their heads. If done correctly, this can be widely appreciated and give you ample warning when things are starting to head in the wrong direction, thereby allowing you to nip a problem in the bud long before it becomes serious.

Discuss, don’t criticize



Equally important, when there is a mistake or something has been done wrong, remember to discuss the action, not the person. Being told ‘you did this wrong’ sucks, but being told ‘you’re an idiot’ is far more harmful (and it doesn’t help). It is immensely demotivating when people engage in personal attacks and it makes it far more likely that the person will not actually improve but instead feel that they’re not up to the challenge of the job.



There have been plenty of studies that have demonstrated that people in positions of power are不那么善意因此,它非常重要,即您采取措施尽可能地提升同理心,以抵消这一点。

If you can do that, if you can be empathetic to your employees, then people will feel respected and listened to. And once you’ve got that down, it’s a sinch to keep morale high.

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