Big Data: The key to effective employee engagement


More than 56% of UK HR Directors and Managers have stated that they honestly don’t understand what Big Data is and how it relates to their every day activity, as revealed in a recent study byTalentia Software



人工管理系统有能力使用this data to identify patterns and establish links between productivity, engagement, wellbeing, management styles etc.


例如,如果我希望通过增加团队沟通和反馈的团队更加与他们所做的事情,我必须了解员工的激励,我的团队的主要订婚司机是什么。根据该信息,我可以建立一个增加团队沟通的策略。换句话说 - 收集数据,分析数据(使用员工参与软件)并实现可衡量的策略。my188bet

Big Data: an invaluable HR asset

HR is oftentimes thought of as an intuitive function. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s true that many HR decisions are focused on individuals and bear this subjective aura that it impossible to quantify or analyze. Or so we thought.

Workforce analytics, or HR Big Data, is the key to that problem. It finds a way to organize all those instances where HR decisions were made, compare them to workforce trends and improve HR processes.

“就像广告商和零售商正在使用来自客户的在线和社交媒体活动的数据,以定制他们的购物体验,组织很快就开始使用工人的个人数据 - 他们的许可 - 以衡量和预测性能和保留问题。”

Anthony Bruce, HR analytics leader atPWC.

Big Data brings an immense value to three key HR processes: talent acquisition, learning and development and employee engagement.





Shaswat Kumar, partner, Aon Hewitt通过Business Standard

Big Data is not an ethereal notion. Cloud-based software solutions make it possible by collecting, processing and organizing information that HR managers can then interpret even further.

Now that you know why you should be using workforce analytics, here’s how to get started:

Have clearly established HR goals

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”



Set clear KPIs如:

  • 保留率
  • Voluntary Attrition Rate
  • Happiness Index
  • 任期(年)


Find the right solution/system/platform

据最近研究那88% of surveyed HR Directors use online surveys to measure employee engagement. Digital has become our second nature and businesses have a lot to gain from it, if they leverage it properly.

For HR managers this is a great benefit. Online tools allow for bigger flexibility in collecting and storing information. You can access it anytime, from all types of devices and you can reach employees regardless of absences, holidays or meetings.



确保你有employee buy-in when implementing a new HR software solution那so that data collection goes smoothly.

Measure it

After you start getting relevant analytics, over the timeframe you’ve set, correlate it with your initial HR goals and see if you’re meeting your milestones.

设计和实施策略,以帮助您到达那里。这里有一些employee engagement ideas你可以画出灵感。

Adjust and re-plan

Asses your performance and adjust next year’s strategy based on the data gathered and the results your strategies generated. Fine-tune your system, set new goals and see if there are any improvements you can make in data collection and measurement.


A key requirement for HR today is to be strategic in contribution to business objectives. Intuition-based decisions are not the standard anymore.



Our advice? See the big picture, explore the systems and platforms available and use technology to fortify the strategic role of HR.

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