7 practical HR tools for small businesses

Running a small business can be extremely rewarding from the people’s perspective. You’re directly involved in selecting your employees, engaging them and helping them improve their performance. Most times, you don’t even need a specialized HR manager because you’re a small team and things get easily done.



We put together a list of 7 HR tools that can help you save that time and improve your essential talent processes.


This has unquestionably become the no.1 online recruitment channel. You can leverage the free version to track down the right candidate for your business and connect with them.

If your budget is above average, you can also tryLinkedIn招聘人员,LinkedIn高级工具的一部分。通过专门的过滤器和数据表,您可以找到并联系任何可能的候选人,并用共享的项目、概要文件和申请人注释组织您的管道。


Use Fuze to set-up video interviews with candidates anywhere in the world. At the same costs as a phone interview, a video interview provides you with a better window into someone’s style, personality and behavior, that can’t be captured without seeing them.

Moreover, you can use Fuze’s Virtual Whiteboard feature that allows meeting participants to mark up and annotate shared content in real time. It’s a great way to test candidates’ technical skills or problem solving abilities. Available with a Free Plan.


ezTimeSheet helps you track and calculate employee attendance, leave, vacation and payment. The program calculates time and gross pay automatically, saving you valuable time and energy. It’s also fairly affordable, the 5-employee version starting from only $39, one time purchase.



You can also integrate it with 3rd party tools like GitHub or BitBucket commits, via third party APIs. Slack is free to use for as long as you want and with an unlimited number of people.


Asana is great for managing tasks and projects. Plan projects, create and assign tasks, follow deadlines and organize your activity in calendars.



We’ve recently come across this tool and found it extremely helpful in building transparency across our team. The way it works is that every day you post what you’ve done, so everyone knows what’s happening. The next morning, you’ll get a roundup of what your whole team got done, that you can comment on or send feedback about.






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