Even the most productive and effective teams can benefit from teambuilding activities because they help to find new ways of improving morale and motivation. Only a team that works great together is productive and successful. It’s also fun to work in such a team, don’t forget about that as well!

Finding the right scenario for your teambuilding event can be a fairly challenging task since not everyone can be comfortable with certain activities. It is therefore critical to select an activity that everyone likes.




Event #1: “Two Truths and a Lie” Game

Purpose:foster communication in newly assembled teams.

Time required:30 minutes

The game begins with each team member secretly writing down two truths about himself or herself and one lie on a piece of paper. After everyone is done, the team is encouraged to communicate for 15-20 minutes – like a party – and quiz each other on the questions. The main purpose here is to persuade other that the lie is a truth, so explain this rule to the team before the beginning.


After the discussion is over, the team is gathered in a circle and everyone repeats each statement one by one. Next, the group votes on which is a lie and which is a truth. As the result, this game encourages everyone to communicate better and lets to know the colleagues better by revealing some facts about them.


Event #2: “Hello My Name Is” Game

Purpose:to demonstrate that assigning an attitude to someone can influence how they view themselves in real life; fostering communication; have fun.

Time Required:50 minutes + (depends on the number of participants)




Here’s alist of adjectivesfor you to get started.

“Catapult to Success” Game


Purpose:enhance cooperation, strategy, decision making, group problem solving

Time required:2 hours +

The main goal of this hilarious game is to get an idea off the ground. Literally. The team needs to be divided into three or more groups, each with a home-made catapult. To win, a group need to have a great device, so a lot of discussing, testing, and brainstorming is required.

The game consists of two rounds. During the first one, each group is instructed to catapult an object. The performance is judged using two criteria: distance and accuracy. Two groups with the best performance qualify for the second round, where they try to outperform their opponents one more time.



“Penny for Your Thoughts” Game

Event #4: “Penny for Your Thoughts” Game


Time required:50 minutes + (depends on the number of participants)

This is a simple game that can be played every week. The coordinator needs to collect coins such as pennies for each member of the team (or more) and make sure that they are dated older than the youngest person on your team (i.e. the coins are younger than the team).

The coins are to be dumped into a box. Every team member draws out one and sees the year on the coin. The coordinator asks to share something interesting or meaningful that occurred to them in that particular year. There is no time limit, so the conversation can go a long time.

Not only this simple game is great for getting to know other members of the team but also a great ace-breaker.


Event #5: “Use What You Have” Game

Purpose:inspire creativity, communication, group problem solving, have fun.

Time required:1 hour + (depends on the number of participants)

The team is to be divided into equal groups that face the same challenge, which is designed by the coordinator. It is important to create a project with specific challenges and rules; for example, design a device that moves a ball from one point in the room to another. The groups of participants are to use the materials provided by the coordinator.

This game is similar toUnchained Reaction show on Discovery但在更小的规模上。参与者需要与主机提供的材料,两个着名的神话,亚当野蛮和杰米·汉语人建立未经核查的反应。

This game is an excellent opportunity to compete and it’s fun.

Wrapping up

Teambuilding Events是提高团队表现的好方法。上面描述的这些事件的场景旨在做到这一点!为您的团队找到合适的一个,并确保每个人都对活动感到满意。并有一些乐趣!

Thank you for reading! Don’t forget to let us know how these games worked for your team!

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