sustainable workload

员工的营业额与雇主的许多级别昂贵。更换员工的平均成本是他们年薪21%。It is no wonder then that organizational psychology has turned this into one of their main research topics. The good news is that turnover can be significantly decreased through some simple scientifically-backed strategies.


Work culture is one of the cornerstones of a successful and long-lasting relationship between employer and employee. There is a large body ofresearch确认支持性工作环境与员工保留之间的关联。更深入地研究了这个问题透露,组织承诺和人组织适合作为这种关系的调解员。
This implies that shared responsibility for each other and the common good between coworkers and supervisors shelters employees from overworking and stress. If people develop a positive attitude toward their work and company, they will be more likely to stay.


A positive work environment is to be nurtured by superiors and colleagues alike. That is why HR specialists should invest in boosting cooperation and communication between coworkers. One way to achieve this is through team-building activities.

3. Sustainable Workload

Ensuring a sustainable workload for employees is a leading factor in diminishing attrition.研究人员再次确认时间和时间,营业额意图与工作量和其他工作压力源有关。
To achieve a sustainable workload for employees, start by assessing their daily routine. Try to identify tasks that disrupt the workflow and keep an eye out for any employee who might be overworked. There must be an equitable distribution of work between individuals and departments alike.
Meetings can take up a lot of unnecessary time, so only keep the ones that are absolutely necessary. Encourage emailing, direct phone calls, or in-person talks for discussing urgent matters.


Assurances of support for participation at Conferences and Networking Opportunities will attract recruits, but you must actually deliver on the promise for an employee to stay. Professional development is particularly important to physicians. They are highly driven by improving their knowledge and developing their skills.
The high number offamily practice jobs in Californiacreates a highly competitive market for employers and employees alike. That is why a solid physician retention plan is crucial in keeping star employees.


While an attractive salary might be very efficient for recruitment, it is not enough for retention. To affect turnover, the employer must go beyond the base salary. This aspect is especially important when promoting employees. A new job title can be flattering, but if it is unaccompanied by a considerable salary raise, it will not be enough.
还有可变薪酬福利的选项。许多雇主希望保持固定成本,并更喜欢维持基地薪水。在这种情况下,员工可以从中受益variable payouts。Such a plan can be implemented on several considerations, like performance, holidays, and organizational achievements. The number of organizations that prefer this route keeps increasing over the years.

Final Thoughts