What Aspects of Company Culture Lead To Increased Employee Engagement?

A recent study by Gallup裸露that 51% of the U.S. workforce is disengaged – meaning more than half of employees aren’t emotionally committed to their organization and its goals. The Engagement Institute estimates that disengaged employeescan cost organizationsbetween $450 and $550 billion every year. Employee engagement is something that every employer seeks to maximize.

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Of course, giving your employees a free vacation every year to boost their engagement would be nice, but it’s not cost efficient. USC recently outlined how businesses can retain their employees with成本高效的津贴, but when perks don’t cut it, sometimes a change in culture is needed to spark higher levels of engagement.

Here are five ways companies can cultivate an engaging culture:



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Better Buys recently conducted a study to learn how professional development impacts employee engagement, and they found that 92% of employees thought thataccess to professional developmentwas important or very important. They also came to the conclusion that employees are 15% more engaged with the opportunity for professional development. Examples of professional development include access toonline MBA programs, on-the-job training, and attending seminars.

Company Sponsored Activities


Gallup discovered that close work friendships can increase employee satisfaction by 50% and that people with close friends at work are seven times more likely to be engaged at work. Some examples of morale boosting activities are after-hours social events, corporate outings, and team building exercises.


Corporate philanthropy is a proven method of increasing employee engagement. In a study by Dale Carnegie Training, they found that 54% of employees who wereproud of their company’s contributionsto society are engaged.


Collaborative Atmosphere

Open lines of communication from executives, management, and peers can create a more collaborative atmosphere. Employees are more likely to be engaged in a collaborative office environment. A collaborative atmosphere allows employees to share knowledge and ask questions quickly and more easily, leading to increased engagement and productivity.

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Collaboration can also serve as a source of camaraderie. The McKinsey Global Institute found that workers who routinely collaborate increase their productivity by20 to 25 percent.


An attractive and comfortable workplace design can help employees remain engaged. A study by Steelcase was able to find a强烈的相关性在满意的员工与他们的工作场所环境如何以及如何参与他们。定制您的办公空间以满足您员工的具体需求在今天的环境中至关重要。理想的工作场所设计将包括安静,协作,私人,电话友好和共同空间的组合。

It is clear that changes in company culture can have a profound effect on employee engagement. With the high costs associated with disengaged employees, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to foster a culture that values employees and encourages them to grow. If a company can produce an environment that allows employees to be emotionally committed to their jobs, they will in turn be more productive and will save the company valuable dollars.

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