A Wellness Culture at Work Takes More Than Words

Popular mythology, particularly among America’s older generations, imagines that kids today are born knowing how to use smartphones, computers, and tablets. Before they so much as crawl or exclaim, “Ma-ma!” they seem to intuitively know how to swipe, snap, and scroll on touch screens.

While this might be an overly generous assessment of youth skill, there is another talent common among millennials and other younger generations that is of similar utility in the modern world. To put it bluntly, young people today have特别敏感的BS探测器。不诚实或不真实地在千禧一代的拉斯维加斯地带上发出霓虹灯。作为恳切和理想主义,因为它们可以是,这种敏感度对Holden Caulfield可能标记为“Phoninity”可以使它们成为触摸愤世嫉俗和容易脱离。

What this means for HR professionals, managers, recruiters, and anyone who aspires to work with, much less lead, millennials in the workplace, is that going halfway with engagement efforts won’t cut it. Superficial efforts to appeal to these scrutinizing young careerists are more likely to backfire than to make marginal traction.

该Benefits Smell Test

It may come as a surprise that a key subject of scrutiny among this youthful talent pool is not just workplace culture per se, but the non-wage benefits a company offers.

For example: It is easy to要求to value something like work-life balance, but quite another to offer flexible vacation time, and another still to鼓励工人actually take vacations千禧一代一直是在全国各地更多关注和强调工作场所的“工作生活平衡”。当遇到谈论余额的文化时,只会给他们更多的对比来源,但没有实质性的政策或计划来支持它。

千禧一代don’t want managers and HR teams to utter magic words; they want tangible evidence that these ideas matter.

That brings us to the notion of health promotion in the workplace. This is somewhat of an extension of work-life balance, but it goes deeper. Even more important to millennials isa culture of health and wellness at the workplace

Engaging at Work, Body and Soul

由于互联网,以及数十年的科学研究和轶事经验,千禧一代是庞大的,意识到即使是最无害的办公室也可以是慢性疾病,痛苦和精神痛苦的催化剂。该negative health effects of sitting a工作- 现代职业世界的几乎无处不在的特征 - 是众所周知的,普遍的,并对劳动力的新人感到非常困扰。

HR professionals and management are hardly ignorant of the side effects of desk work and computerization. That explains the explosion in popularity ofoffice wellness programs:188宝金博网站生产力提高,士气,员工参与和健康剂量的PR都归因于这些举措。my188bet


Health Tech, Meet Wellness Culture

That brings us back to the unshakeable association between millennials and digital technology. Making an office culture work with, rather than against, employee wellness may very well require more than an attitude shift. Younger workers are more likely than not these days to have, at minimum, a wellness app installed on their phones, if not an array of step-trackers, heart rate monitors, and other suchmobile devices and programs helping them quantify their wellness,and progress toward health goals.

Even hospitals and doctors are getting on board, recognizing that anything that helps encourage compliance with their recommendations is an ally in the fight against illness and injury. Employers, who get exponentially more contact with their employees than do doctors and nurses, might follow suit.

这可能需要interno办法比赛,以便本周获得最大的“步骤”;或者健康选择Potlucks促进食谱交易所,以及通常从通常各种各样​​的糕点和披萨休息,通常表现出办公室聚会。对于真正的承诺,它可能意味着投资convertible workstations, or evendesk treadmills旨在促进工作的生产率和运动。188宝金博网站

任何试图开始健身方案或饮食变革的人都知道致力于更好的健康习惯并不总是便宜的,而且几乎从不容易。工作场所的千禧一代类似地认识到办公室文化是easy to present as mission statements and verbal encouragement,但进一步进入实践 - 或进入办公室硬件。

With millennials overtaking all other demographics as the new majority in the workplace, it is time for HR to take more than nominal steps towardaccommodating their expectationsWhen it comes to managing office culture and wellness, that is an investment bound to pay off both in and outside the workplace both for the current generation, and those to come.

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