However, a referral program can be run badly. At worst, a badly run employee referral program can waste the time and energy of recruiters, hiring managers, employees, and applicants.


Provide training在所有级别的员工转诊计划上。较新的员工和那些与组织长期以来一直和组织的人都有东西可以带到桌子上。但只是因为有人为你工作了多年,不要以为他们明白是什么让人兴趣。同样,不要假设较新的员工无法提高伟大的推荐。


Automating the referral process will ensure that every application is seen and given a fair chance. It also means your employees will be more inclined to keep submitting suitable referrals. You can automate every step of the process, from referral to hiring and giving your employee their referral bonus.
Examples of suitable software include Smart Recruiters, Taleo, and Brassring. Your employee referral program software should meet these three criteria:

  • ats集成。您的推荐自动化平台应该能够快速轻松地将转介到招聘漏斗中。
  • 招聘漏斗能见度。您的员工希望看到他们的推荐在招聘漏斗中。您选择的解决方案应该提供这种可视性。但是,确保您尊重候选人的隐私。
  • 使用方便。Your solution should have a simple and intuitive user interface that your employees can easily learn how to use.



一项研究showed that 78% of recruiters say they found their best candidates through referrals. However, social and professional networks are not far behind. 56% of recruiters said that they had also found great candidates on LinkedIn.
Many referral platforms have Facebook integration built-in. If you implement social media into your employee referral tool program, you’ll be able to expand your reach beyond your workers’ immediate friends and family networks. For example, your employees could share job descriptions within their industry, alumni, and interest groups, allowing them to cast a wider net to help you bring in great candidates.


Offering desirable rewards has the obvious effect of increasing the number of referrals coming into the company. As a result, hiring managers can find qualified candidates more quickly and efficiently.
经过rewarding employees whose referred candidates are hired, you encourage them to make quality referrals. If you wish, you could also reward those whose referrals are not ultimately hired but make it to the final round of interviews.


您的员工推荐计划可能不会在启动时完全运行。确定您想要投资的时间有多少时间设置计划。用适当的调度软件进行计时,并跟踪您的努力结果。您的员工和您的招聘和人力资源团队可能会有一个学习曲线。尽管如此 - 奖励是值得的。

  • 开放角色的性质的变化。随着您的业务需求,您的招聘需求可能会发生变化。转诊结构可以相应地改变,以反映开放职位的需求和支付等级。
  • 经营预算:If you have to make budget cuts due to financial losses, you might need to cut back on the amount you offer in incentives (or tighten the rules around receiving them). On the other hand, if you have a great year and profits are booming, you could increase incentives to boost employee morale.
  • 员工知识水平:您的员工可能知道有推荐计划,但不是如何使用它或准确地使用它。进行一些过程分析将有助于您识别知识差距,并确保您的员工允许使用该计划。
  • 工作环境:If you’ve moved to remote working in the last few months, your hiring needs and recruitment process have probably also changed. Shifting to a cloud-based solution can ensure that the referral program keeps running smoothly whether or not your team is physically in the office.

The key to a good employee referral program is continuous improvement. Listening to employee and candidate feedback and performing predictive analytics on recruitment funnel data will allow you to make adjustments and build a program that yields high-quality candidates.


An employee referral program that focuses on skills matching and culture fit takes time and resources to build. Optimizing the program is also a continuous process that requires patience, trial and error, and ongoing investment. You’ll need to train your employees, ensure you have the right tools and software in place, and consistently monitor the program to make sure it is still working as intended.
Here’s to making your next great hire!