health safety

Creating a safe working environment is crucial to endeavor to achieve for all businesses, whatever the size, sector and financial standings. Not only will this attract more attention from potential employees, but it will also save you money in the long run. No one wants to be associated with companies who have a poor track record when it comes to the safety of employees and visitors. Continue reading for six things to try.

1. Training

确保所有工作场所都会在工作场所的健康和安全方面获得定期有效的培训,例如food safety, is imperative. For example, if people need to operate machinery, there are certainly things that they need to take into account as well as know the processes for if things go wrong. Whatever your organization’s size, it is always worth having someone with overall responsibility for health and safety. Having a named person allows other employees to know who to approach when they have questions or concerns. In addition to all of the above, putting an induction process into place may help to ensure all new employees receive adequate support when starting their work with you. As well as the formal training, pairing them up with someone you trust follows all rules and regulations could be a great way to ensure they are up to scratch.


自满就会发生。这是一种自然的行为。但是,我们可以通过确保在整个工作场所进行适当使用的标签和标志来防止它导致严重的健康和安全泄露。太多了,你冒着他们冒着壁纸,用背景混合并不再是明显的。同样,太少,人们会很容易想念他们。不仅可以签名帮助提醒人们特定领域的内容,但它也可以作为如何执行某些程序的视觉提醒。Resourceful Compliance有全面的签字和海报选择,以支持您的使命,使您的工作场所成为更安全的地方。



在一些工作环境中,很难understand why it should be kept clean and tidy. However, it is important to remember that many accidents at work could have been easily prevented. Keeping the floor clear of any potential trip hazards is a simple thing. Cables which are tangled up can also pose a risk. Reminding employees that they should arrive and leave finding the workplace in roughly the same state is a valuable thing to do.


Equipment that is used on a regular basis can easily become unsafe without us even realizing it. Frayed cables, a loose screw, deterioration of the materials; all of these things are possibilities in the workplace which could lead to devastating consequences. Carrying out regular equipment checks is imperative. Likewise, reminding staff that they should report concerns immediately, and also reassuring them that repairs or replacements will happen as soon as feasibly possible, could also be valuable. Portable appliance testing (PAT) is advisable to have a greater confidence in the electrical devices being used in the workplace.

5. First aid

即使您已经创建了人类已知的最安全的工作场所,也会有人伤害自己的可能性。为了减少这种具有严重后果的可能性,我们将始终建议所有工作场所至少有两个人是训练有素的急救。如果您的业务全部开放,您有转换工人,请至少考虑两倍的数字。除了常规急救方面的工作培训外,您可能希望考虑在培训方面发送一些工作人员mental health first aiders, which could lead to enormous benefits for your workforce.


Finally, we are big advocates of sound沟通在参与企业的每个人之间。尽量持有全面的员工,以允许所有最新的通知和与安全考虑的公告尽早共享。此外,这些会议可以作为良好做法的提醒。如果有一些人员无法参加,请务必提供非正式的分钟,确保每个人都知道,没有一个人留下。

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