Using Employee Surveys to Improve a Post-Merger Culture

An international company, the result of a merger between an American and French firm, had used a “rollup” strategy to acquire niche players in the protection equipment space. Protection equipment includes clothing for firefighters, police and security personnel.

As a consequence of this merger and acquisitions, we were commissioned to survey employees to determine the cultural consequences and “leftovers” that would affect cooperation between employees and how it might be related to company performance. At the time of our first discussions, it wasn’t clear if this exercise was because of some perceived problem, or it was a good “just in case” kind of thing to do.

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我们的初步联系与人力资源的副总裁。他似乎相当无聊的人 - 什么 - 为什么为什么部分咨询参与。我们从未见过他,只巧合于他在我们家乡的另一个任务中与他的一个下属会面。她也不是特别的细节,也不是价格。我们终于询问了她是否想要一个提议,她易于同意,后来签署。这在我脑海里抬起了一点闹钟。通过采访首席执行官(合同标牌后)再次发生。有关访谈的更多详细信息,请参阅下文。




  • 调查类别包括:企业文化,组织效率,动机,团队合作质量,工作环境,理解视力/使命/战略。每个类别在三到五个问题之间
  • Data were broken out by location, status, labor grade(level), business unit and language.
  • 693 out of approx. 1700 salaried employees answered the survey, a 40.7% return rate
  • 而不是使用过的“同意 - 不同意”规模凭借其所有解释问题and book, Master of All You Survey available a need for improvement scale was used.


Using Employee Surveys to Improve a Post-Merger Culture


  • 以前独立公司的感觉他们没有他们在合并之前所做的权力 - 角色和责任发生了变化
  • 缺乏公司文化
  • Perceived micro-management and misalignment between authority and responsibility
  • 缺乏对矩阵结构的理解 - MBU / SBU边界
  • 缺乏对“谁负责的是什么?”的理解在其他业务单位 - 在做出决定时不清楚谁联系
  • MBUS(职能单位)和SBUS(业务部门)之间缺乏研发,营销,销售和物流活动的协调

The data and conclusions above were presented at a senior management conference of the top 300 managers as part of an ongoing training program.


Another unusual aspect to this client is their disinterest in follow-through regarding the issues and concerns raise by their employees. Oftentimes, organizations for project teams using various levels of management to develop recommendations based on the issues raised, and “fix” major problems.

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Recommendations and Results

如上所述,我们推荐使用权限矩阵™。Using this method, organizations can clarify what authority various units and people have, and provide for transition to greater empowerment.



调查结果是部分美国卫生工程师协会(asse)完成的ssment of the CEO’s performance post-merger. Human Resources had been in discussions with the company Board about the survey but had not informed the CEO. The Board had become suspicious of the CEO high need for control and had commissioned the survey to determine the extent of this problem.


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