return to the office

While remote work is here to stay, in some capacity, indefinitely, many employees and certainly many employers are eager to return to the office life. Many of the studies and reports that have come out of the pandemic regarding productivity and employee happiness suggest that people have no problem working remotely for the rest of their careers, but there are still certain roles, as well as something to be said for in-person collaboration and interaction, that will draw scores of people back to on-site work. If you are planning on getting your people into the office post-vaccination, below are 6 ways to safely welcome them back.

Employee Lunch

当企业开始欢迎他们的员工时,EN Masse取决于他们碰巧所在地的位置,例如,与美国疫苗,比其他任何地方都比其他几乎接种了更多的人。这些是你一年多的人没有看到的人,谁没有看到他们的同事和同事在相同的时间内。打破冰的好方法,所以说话,特别是对于在大流行期间可能被带来的任何新雇员,是cater a lunch让每个人都感到欢迎。


在物理办公空间返回工作时让员工感到舒适将要求雇主采取一些先发制人的措施。一个应该位于任何业务所有者或Office Manager列表的顶端是空气净化器。取决于您的办公空间有多大,您可能需要散落的夫妇,但件好事是您可以在任何大型电子零售商网站上拿起消费者级空气净化器,而不是非常多。

在2003年的SARS爆发期间,香港医院管理局推荐医院使用具有HEPA过滤器的便携式空气净化器in them to help reduce transmission to healthcare workers and a lot of subsequent research backs up the suggestion as well. Knowing that they are coming into an enclosed space in which air circulation and filtration is something that is being taken seriously will help put minds at ease. At the very least, it will help prevent the spread of other common seasonal viruses, as well as make the air more breathable for people with respiratory conditions.

Masks (For Those Who Want Them)

While a large-scale return to the office will likely only be possible once a critical mass of people in societies around the world have been vaccinated, many people will likely continue to suffer from Pandemic PTSD for some time to come and feel more comfortable, if not wearing masks in and around the office, at least having the option to do so.

Keeping a constant supply of masks in different places around the office is a good idea and will make returning employees feel like their employer is looking out for both their mental and physical health.

Expert Speaker


A good way to put many, if not most people’s minds at ease is to hire a medical professional, preferably an epidemiologist or infectious disease expert, to either speak directly to your employees (virtually or in-person), or write a letter that is personally addressed to your workforce, explaining the risks and, importantly, endorsing the idea that people can and should start resuming their lives as normal.


植物are a good air purification addition, but they also come with a tremendous amount of心理健康福利。如果您的办公室在流行病之前没有特别绿色,请考虑将一些资金投入到使空间更加自然的一个。只要他们接受常规喷水并获得日常或每周阳光要求,就会在任何办公环境中茁壮成长,可以在任何办公环境中茁壮成长。

植物that do well in offices include spider plants, cactuses, snake plants, bamboo, ficus, and lemon balm. You can even designate a watering schedule to give people the chance to engage in some highly therapeutic horticultural practices.




Even with mass vaccination, getting people comfortable with coming back into work will require some planning and coaxing. Incentivizing a return to the office will be one part of the equation, and making your office space post-pandemic-friendly and empathetic is the other. Keep the above tips and suggestions in mind when opening the office back up and make returning employees feel safe, valued and comfortable resuming their normal professional lives.

Photo by杰西卡刘易斯fromPexels